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Start or Improve My Business

Attend an industry conference/event

Discounts to the best conferences and events including Perform Better, EMPOWER, NorCal Fitness Summit, Club Industry, Pilates on Tour, and Schwinn Class Education Programs.

Cost Savings: $300 off conference fees


Develop my business skills

From marketing to human resources and everything in-between – access the full library of educational content, video lessons, CECs and CEUs to grow your business.

Cost Savings: $140 off educational courses


Access the roadmap to my studio success

STUDIO SUCCESS! AFS’ authoritative eBook is the industry’s best-selling publication for aspiring and current owners. Learn more

Cost Savings: $99 – AFS members receive STUDIO SUCCESS! free!


Business plan and other templates & forms

Save valuable time with a business plan template, employee handbook builder, application for employment, membership agreement, independent contractor agreement and more, including 15% savings at LegalZoom.

Cost Savings: Over $150 savings in templates and forms


Find a consultant to grow my business

Access the best consultants and coaches in the fitness industry. Connect with experts in operations, marketing, social media, finance, insurance, and architecture & design. Learn more

Cost Savings: $400 in consultation fees


Obtain or Switch to the Best Insurance Coverage

Fitness professional insurance

Designed specifically for fitness professionals from the experts at Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation with 30 years of experience in the fitness industry. Learn more

Cost Savings: $76 less than comparable insurance from other associations


Fitness studio insurance

The best studio insurance program in the fitness industry. For every type of fitness studio, no matter the discipline – from 500 sq. ft. to 10,000! Learn more

Cost Savings: $50 off insurance policy, get a free quote to learn more


Get Exposure to Millions of Consumers

Join the world wide directory of fitness studios

Millions of consumers trust the AFS Directory Network because AFS members abide by a specific code of conduct to run their businesses up to industry standards. Learn more

Cost Savings: $299 savings vs comparable service


Acquire referrals from the medical community

Become listed as a Medical Fitness Network facility and reach millions of potential new customers in the baby boomer demographic wanting to maintain an active lifestyle. Learn more

Cost Savings: $100 off MFN registration


Outperform Competitors and Generate More Sales

Ensure a new client chooses my studio

92% of consumers prefer a fitness studio that's a member of a professional trade association. Showcase your AFS membership and higher standards with the AFS trust badge. Learn more

Cost Savings: $500 savings vs comparable service


Master the financial numbers that impact my business

Learn the key performance indicators to track, revenue generating benchmarks, pay for front-line staff, session pricing, new revenue opportunities and more! Learn more

Cost Savings: $129 – AFS members receive the 2015 Operating and Financial Benchmarking Research Report free!


Adopt industry proven marketing strategies

In this first-ever research report, hundreds of studio owners provide insight into what works, how much to spend, what to charge, how to calculate what’s right for you and more! Learn more

Cost Savings: $129 – AFS members receive the 2016 Marketing Best Practices Research Report free!


Save time with turnkey actionable tips & advice

AFS Micro Research Reports take some of the most powerful information contained in our full research reports and provide solutions in an easy-to-implement format. Learn more

Cost Savings: $29 savings each. AFS members receive all Micro Research Reports free!


Start a supplement and nutrition program

Stop sending your clients to GNC and the Vitamin Shoppe. Work with a dedicated studio representative to determine the products that are the best fit for your clients. Learn more

Cost Savings: $150 savings for free consultation


Connect with a Like-Minded Community

Online panel of experts whenever necessary

Typical education events have expert panels to answer your questions. AFS brings this access to to you through the exclusive member forum, concierge service, and private Facebook group. Learn more

Cost Savings: $199 vs attending an education event panel session


Minimize your risk with roundtable groups

Solve problems and share ideas to avoid costly roadblocks with AFS roundtable discussions. Use your group as a sounding board for new ideas before making important decisions. Learn more

Cost Savings: $500 vs comparable service


Seek out a mentor

Receive one-on-one support from a trusted professional, overcome personal challenges, grow professionally and get the knowledge you seek no matter what questions you might have. Learn more

Cost Savings: $200 vs comparable service


Secure Exclusive Savings & Discounts

Purchase studio equipment and accessories

AFS has negotiated up to 25% discount on all purchases from leading industry equipment vendors, including cycling, Pilates, machines and more!

Cost Savings: $1,507 savings from 15% off average yearly investment in equipment and accessories


Save time & get organized with studio software

Receive discounts and special deals from leading studio software providers like MINDBODY, ZenPlanner, and EZFacility.

Cost Savings: $190 savings for 4 months at ½ off most popular MINDBODY PRO plan


Improve the retention rate at my studio

Learn the effective strategies to keep your clients coming back. From the 5 T’s of word of mouth marketing to building a studio loyalty program.

Cost Savings: According to AFS research, the average retention rate is 72%. How does your business compare?

Start a heart rate training program in your studio

AFS members get two of the best companies to research and determine what model fits best within their studio. Connect with MYZONE, Heart Zones and Accuro to identify the solutions that meets the needs of your studio.

Cost Savings: $350 savings from 10% off the typical initial investment of ~$3,500



Applying just one AFS idea, that generates ONE new client
pays for your membership nearly 10 times over!


How many new clients can you generate?

What is the annual value of ONE client? ($1,000 industry average)
Generating new client(s) due to AFS in a = 0 in revenue

When you add in the incredible savings available to you from AFS -
You actually LOSE money by NOT being a member!

Join the Community

With over 70 industry partnerships and affiliations, AFS is the hub of the fitness studio community.

Credibility & Integrity

AFS lends credibility to your business and sets the standard for professionalism.

Save Time & Money

AFS saves you time and money by negotiating the best deals and directing you to the best services in the industry.

Business Education

AFS members access additional revenue producing programs and CEC/CEUs from all major certifying organizations.


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Notes on Savings

Yearly fees for top internet directories: botw.org $199/yr for brick and mortar package; business.com $299/yr business listing.

BBB accreditation, which provided access to the trust badge, can cost $500+/yr for small businesses over 3 employees. Your regional rates may vary.

Executive roundtables and peer advisory groups can cost between $250 to $10,000/year.

In 2016, the average studio spent $10,812 on equipment and fitness accessory purchases. Source: AFS 2017 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Research Report

Disclaimer: While every effort has been made to provide accurate revenue and savings projections, this information is presented for your convenience only. Savings are subject to change and the data on this page may not reflect the most current information available. Please contact us if you have any questions.