Why Join a Private Executive Roundtable Discussion Group?

Direct Access to Knowledge

Talk to those who have been there before. Leverage the insights from your peers and implement new strategies for your fitness studio.

Fast-track Business Growth

Share your successes, solve problems, and identify new trends. What you learn here will have a dramatic impact on your business.

Ongoing Member Support  

Use your roundtable group as a sounding board for new ideas. Take advantage of your group's insight before making important decisions.

Safe Zone

Share confidentially and without judgment. Avoid costly roadblocks and minimize your risk with other studio owners who've been there before.

Apply to an AFS Roundtable and Maximize Your AFS membership

Similar executive roundtables cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

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Listen in to this roundtable conversation:


"The connections I’ve made through AFS have absolutely helped me grow and learn more about business. I’m on a monthly roundtable with a few other studio and gym owners, and it has been invaluable to be able to share and leverage each other’s ideas."

Mike Beauchamp 
Co-owner & General Manager
John Garey Fitness & Pilates

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