By Chelsea Boone, Special AFS Contributor

Fitness professionals around the world are using landing pages as a tool to grow their businesses. Landing pages work alongside your website to capture a completely different source of online traffic. While your website is capturing leads actively searching the web for “fitness programs near me,” landing pages are enticing viewers with an attention-grabbing promotion (Free Fitness Consultation, One Month of Unlimited Classes For Only $39.99, etc.)

Landing pages are the home for viewers to learn all about your introductory promotion. Since there are fewer distractions on a landing page (no menu bar, links, or extraneous content), conversion rates are generally significantly higher. In fact, using a landing page in advertising campaigns increases conversion rates by 25% (Omniture).

So what is the secret to making sure your fitness landing page converts viewers into leads? Follow these steps:

Solid Bait

Landing pages are generally used for pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns like Facebook Advertising, meaning the “bait” must be so enticing that viewers are persuaded to take action.

Users are on Facebook with the intention of interacting with family and friends, meanwhile, they are being bombarded with advertisements from other businesses bidding for their attention. This means your offer really needs to stand out.

These viewers aren’t in search of what your gym/studio has to offer, so your bait needs to be a high-value, low commitment offer that creates their interest in your business. These are people who aren’t ready to purchase a large, high-ticket item, so you want your bait to generally cost around $21 or less. A lower barrier-to-entry leads to higher conversions!

A Catchy Headline

Just like the “bait”, your headline should also grab attention. The headline is one of the most important elements on your fitness landing page since it’s what potential customers see first.

Some quick tips for creating effective landing page headlines include:

  • Keep wording concise
  • Use adjectives that excite (“Awesome, Incredible, Interesting, Secret, Unusual, etc.”)
  • Avoid Cliches
  • Make sure the “benefit” of reading further is clear. Viewers will take action if they believe there is value ahead.

Check out WordStream’s list of five proven conversion-boosting headline formulas that can help provide some inspiration!


Enticing Copy

When writing landing page copy here are the three most important tips to keep in mind:

  • The body of your landing page should be consistent with your headline. When viewers jump from your initial ad to your landing page it is because they are interested in your headline and want to learn more about what it prompts. Make sure all your copy aligns with what you are offering so there is no confusion when someone visits your page.
  • Your content should be skimmable and easy to read. The majority of viewers are not going to read every word of your page, you want your main points to be easy to find and stand out.
  • Make your copy speak to the needs of your audience. Think about your target fitness client. What are their pain points and how can your services help them? Write copy that will appeal to their emotions and shows you can relate to their situation. (Pro Tip: Adding customer testimonials is a great way to build trust with your audience!)

Clear Call-To-Action

Landing pages are designed around a specific promotion. Just like your headline, your call-to-action should be clear so your audience knows exactly what you want them to do. For longer landing pages, try adding a Call-to-action in the first fold of your page and then an additional one toward the bottom of the page.

A Simple Lead Form

It is crucial to have a clear, simple lead form that’s easy for potential customers to navigate. Keep in mind, the more fields you require, the lower your conversion rates will be.

For most, the name, email, and phone number fields are the only critical pieces of information to capture. These fields will allow for quick lead follow up by phone and email for each inquiry received.

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Chelsea is the Marketing Executive at 97 Display, a lead-generation website solution designed specifically for fitness businesses. Her responsibilities include branding, back-to-base marketing, and outbound advertising. Chelsea continually promotes new features and strategies to 97 Display's existing client base, in addition to sharing the company's proven SEO strategies with fitness business owners across the world.

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