By Emma Excell​, Special FBA Contributor
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Personal Trainers are at the forefront of many fitness businesses, connecting directly with members on a daily basis.

A digitized personal training solution can add additional revenue and marketing streams, improve data collection, increase engagement, and target member communication.

Here, Emma Excell, COO at Fisikal, experts in digital business solutions, explains how moving this functionality online has three main benefits; real-time business performance analysis, operational efficiency, and an enhanced client experience.


By taking day-to-day administrative tasks online, through a single channel, trainers win back valuable time that is best spent where it’s most needed, directly with the members. 

Bookings can be made through a white-labeled app, clients book single or multiple sessions via a range of filters including booking by trainer, availability, virtual PT, small group PT, linked bookings with friends and family, or opting for a ‘buddy PT’ where clients are ‘matched’ to train together.  

All transactions can be made direct, either drawing down from a virtual wallet preloaded with funds or via a debit or credit card, regardless of whether it be through a credit management solution, PT packs, promos, subscriptions, taster sessions, or dynamic pricing.


The best trainers are constantly investing in learning and development. Through a digital solution, you can give trainers access to all the education and support they need to be the best they can be. Educational content, and its distribution to trainers, can be centrally managed via an online platform.

Give your trainers all the tools they need to interact with and support your members. Through an app, trainers can capture client profiles and assessments, tracking progress in order to better support members.

Trainers can view payment details and manage expenses digitally as well as upload a bio and their qualifications to showcase their skills.


Data analysis gives access to vital information that will help your trainers drive their business forwards, based on real-time member interactions.

User-friendly dashboards instantly display KPIs at just the touch of a button. From PT performance or membership usage through to revenue or staff pay schemes, let technology do the data dive for you in seconds.


In the modern world, Fitness needs to flex between in-club and on-demand content. Trainers need to be able to effectively interact with members in-person and remotely. Fisikal has created a mobile programming tool designed to enable trainers to program members on the gym floor or on the go. 

Trainers have access to a fully connected exercise library and programs in a variety of formats that enables them to create and share workout plans anytime, anywhere.

Fisikal has also launched its Pro App, which allows trainers the autonomy to run their business, whilst keeping your brand front and center. 

Through the app, trainers manage all bookings and configure working hours, whilst also allowing for instant feedback on client attendance and profiles to cover appointments, assessments and packages.


Fisikal’s USPs – understanding operational requirements; creating solutions and delivering them through highly custom branded experiences. Whatever your need, Fisikal has the solution...

...and if not available as an off-the-shelf purchase, the team of in-house team of designers and business analysts will create it for you

To find out more or to book a no-obligation demonstration, contact Fisikal at:

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Emma Excell is the COO of Fisikal and heads up the operations team. Emma has over 4 years of experience in investment banking and over 14 years international property development. Emma has a degree in economics, provides business analysis, digital marketing strategies and project management skills

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