AFS Launches ‘Online Meetups’

‘Advancing the Sharing of Ideas and Solutions’

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, August 2, 2019)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) announced today the launch of a new member benefit – Online MeetUps - to continue building its mission of sharing best practices to enhance the profitability of the studio and gym business.

Online MeetUps creates a friendly space online for like-minded AFS members to share ideas and solutions to problems with other studio operators in similar situations be it studio discipline, tenure, or size. 

“It takes all of us to build a community, and we at AFS are working hard to ensure we have the benefits necessary to bring people together in new and exciting ways," said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO. “Online MeetUps assures that our members have easy access to others in a similar situation.”

Online MeetUps is a community group phone or video call. Participants can use a computer or mobile device and while video is not required, it is recommended. AFS members suggest topics from which AFS selects a monthly hot topic for operators to join in and discuss during a one-hour session.

“Sharing of ideas and best practices is the essence of a trade association,” said Leve.“We’ve hung our hat on delivering viable, credible, relevant content while we build the AFS Community and Online MeetUps is the next step in achieving that objective."

With the exception of the obvious AFS membership requirement, there are no restrictions or additional fees to participate in an Online MeetUp - just bring your questions, comments, and solutions.

More information on Online MeetUps can be found here.


About AFS 

The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is the only membership community dedicated solely to the business of fitness studios.  AFS provides studio owners and developers a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses, building on the passion, compassion and courage they’ve already shown – including SUCCEED! - the first-ever major Business Convention & Expo for current and aspiring studio/gym owners.