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For businesses of all types from 500-10,000 sq. ft. and fitness professionals looking for career and professional growth.

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Key Benefits

Join the Premier Fitness Business Directory

Millions of consumers search the AFS Directory Network to find a fitness studio

Boost Your Conversions and Credibility with AFS

Take advantage of the AFS Trust Package to optimize your sales and showcase your higher standards

Fitness Business Roundtable Discussions

Share ideas and find solutions of vital interest to you and your studio

One new client pays for your membership nearly 10 times over!

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Marketing & Retention

Use these proven tactics and special AFS programs to attract new clients and keep the ones you have. Access social media tools and sample marketing templates, leverage the AFS community, and access more resources to grow your business.

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Marketing Tools

Within our Business Resources you’ll find marketing templates, Guides & White Papers, and Studio Spotlights from the best operators in the country. Plus more tips, tools and resources to grow your business. 

Leverage the AFS community to take your business to the next level. 

Access the marketing tools

Increase Your Credibility and Boost Sales

AFS members are encouraged to use the AFS Member logos and membership certificate as a means of establishing credibility and professionalism in your local market. The AFS logos on your website, marketing materials, and business cards signifies the trustworthiness of your business.

In a recent AFS survey to fitness studio consumers, 92% indicated they would prefer to join a studio/gym that is a member of a professional trade association and abides by their code of conduct. AFS membership is that! 

Adherence to AFS’ Code of Conduct. AFS’ 10-point Code of Conduct sets the standards for membership to which AFS members agreed to accept and abide. See the Code of Conduct

Display the AFS Membership Certificate. Show your customers – and the world -- that you’re part of something bigger, AFS!  Your AFS membership shows customers and prospects that you abide by a Code of Conduct, support our Mission Statement, and conduct your business in a principled and ethical manner.

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Exposure to Millions of Consumers via the AFS Directory Network

AFS has developed special programs with organizations like the International Fitness Club Network (IFCN) to get you and your business found by millions of consumers! 

Promote your skill set and your business with a customized profile, including your training specialties, photos, and much more. Get listed and be found! 


AFS Directory Network

2016 Marketing Best Practices Research Report 

We surveyed hundreds of studio/gym owners across the country, identified the successful strategies, and provide them to you in this first-ever research report!

AFS Market Research like this can't be found anywhere else! This report takes all the insightful, actionable advice, metrics, and key data and provides you the roadmap for your fitness business success.


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AFS Video Webcast Series

Share your story and get the exposure you deserve! Every month we spotlight several successful individuals in the fitness world. Share your story and if selected, we'll give you and your business the national exposure it deserves! 

Are you the best of the best? Let us know!


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Social Media Tools and Connections

The digital world is constantly changing. Leverage our team of experts, access coaching, and learn what’s necessary to broaden your online reach, build your brand, and engage your clients.

In a recent AFS survey, 9 out of 10 consumers if given the option of joining two similar studios - would prefer to join the studio that is a member of an association focused on their business! While 84% felt that seeing the trade association's logo in the studio's window would have a positive influence on joining that studio!


Explore the fitness industry's best business education, both face-to-face and online. Expand your knowledge, understand the metrics, and take your studio or training business to the next level.

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Continuing Education at AFS Business Education Events

Earn your CECs while you learn how to start your own studio/gym, marketing strategies to drive traffic, operational insights, the keys to profitability, and other best practices.

From four to five-hour workshops focused on helping you turn your dream into reality to specific sessions focused on marketing, operations and essential profitability strategies.

Our panels and presentations include experts who have “been there, done that” and are willing to share their experiences and secrets to success – with you.

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Fitness Entrepreneur Track at AFS Business Education Events

Workshops focused on helping you turn your dream into reality. Panels include experts who have “been there, done that” and are willing to share their experiences and secrets to success – with you. 

Learn the critical elements for business ownership. Topics are presented in a variety of areas including: Writing a business plan, finding capital, establishing a legal business entity, budgeting basics, and much more!

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Educational Webinars 

Better understand the critical components to business success via online AFS webinars. Learn directly from the experts as they share their knowledge with you. 

Move your business forward, add value to your brand, and get educated in all areas of business.

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Video Learning Lessons

Get the most out of your membership through AFS Learning Lessons. Part of the Business Ownership Series each lesson provides a variety of teaching tools designed and compiled to bring you the most comprehensive best practices from around the fitness studio community.

Check back often as we continue to add new and fresh ways for you to grow your business!

Watch marketing learning lesson

Watch starting your own business learning lesson


‘Starting Your Own Studio’ Resource Center

Owning and operating your own business can be challenging. Access everything necessary to make informed decisions and avoid costly roadblocks. 

Turn your vision into reality and receive the support, knowledge, tools, and benefits necessary every step of the way.

Make your dream a reality today!


Online Continuing Education Courses 

Approved courses from all major certifying organizations!  Enhance client relationships, gain and retain more clients, plus much more.  Learn it all while starting, managing or enhancing your fitness business. Only through AFS’ online education platform!

Every course is rigorously vetted and earns CEC/CEU credits from the major certification bodies.

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"As a studio owner in Chicago, competition is everywhere. The information and data I compiled from AFS' industry leading market research reports provided me insights I never could have found on my own - well worth my money every year!"
Pia Hamilton, Owner, Intrigue Dance & Performing Arts Center, Chicago, IL

Business Resources

The tools and resources you need to stimulate your fitness business are readily available from AFS. Better understand where to find qualified trainers/instructors, learn the critical numbers you can apply to your business through our industry leading market research – we’ve got it all.

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Business Asset Center and Strategy Library

The most relevant business information and resources for the fitness studio/gym community. Utilizing the expertise of our advisory council, associate members, industry experts, and current owners - you are guaranteed to learn new and exciting ways to take your business to the next level.  

Right at your fingertips, we’ve consolidated everything you need to be successful including: Guides, Templates, White Papers, webinars and expert advice to help you eliminate mistakes before they happen. 

Business Asset Center

Strategy Library


Industry Leading Market Research Reports

Take the guesswork out of being a fitness business owner and make better business decisions. Receive the answers to your questions such as... What marketing strategies work best? If I’m 3,000 sq. feet how much revenue should I be making annually? What do others pay their front line staff and charge per session? Consolidated nation-wide reporting from hundreds of studio/gym owners.


Tap into the only viable financial, operational, and cutting-edge data generated from professional, systematic market research including all the metrics, KPI’s, percentages and ratios you need to know to reach success, consolidated nation-wide from hundreds of studio/gym owners.

See all Reports 

Results Driven "How-to" Micro Research Reports  

Short on time but want specific real world applications pulled from AFS' leading marketing research?  AFS Micro Research Reports take some of the most powerful information contained in our full reports and provide them to you in an easy to implement format! 


No matter how long you’ve been in business you can use these reports to compare your operational success with similar studios and more importantly, to plan your course for growth.

The 5 Must Know Formulas for Every Fitness Studio

Finding, Hiring and On-Boarding the Right Talent

Finding and hiring great talent takes focus. Your employees are your greatest asset. Employees deliver your brand promise, assist clients in achieving their fitness aspirations, build relationships with clients, and ultimately determine whether you will succeed or fail as a business.

Learn the strategies and steps to ensure that your recruitment process results in finding the right talent for your business.

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Critical Business Documents & Forms

Whether it’s a business plan to get you started, budgets to help you stay on track, marketing worksheets to gain exposure, or HR documentation to protect yourself – we’ve got the templates critical to your business. Find everything you need to stay organized and on track.

Business templates and forms in the areas of human resources, sales & marketing, finance and general business designed to help move your business forward. Available for purchase at discounted rates for basic members and Premier members receive all business templates and forms for FREE with membership!


See all templates and forms

Stories of Success from Studio Owners Across the Country

Nationally-known, successful studio operators, share everything you need to know, including business concept, revenue model, marketing strategies, and how to create a loyal client base. Learn personal insights from experts that you can apply to your business.  

Nothing speaks louder or resonates more profoundly than the words, actions and results of entrepreneurs who have been successful in bringing their dream to life. 

Guide: Stories of Success

Studio Spotlights 


Client, Operations and Financial Resources

Providing the resources to keep you, your business, and your current clients on track. Make sure your business skill set is running parallel to your fitness skill set. 

Knowing the number of sessions you'll need to conduct to make a profit, what the demand is for your specific type of studio in your area, as well as the financial records you'll need to keep, are all integral to your success.

Access the resources 


AFS insurance programs are administered by Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC), and are based on their 30 years experience writing insurance in the health and fitness industry. All AFS members receive the best coverage at the best rates with dedicated customer service.

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Insurance for Fitness Studios & Gyms

The AFS/SFIC insurance program provides comprehensive coverage exclusively for the fitness industry, including personal training, group exercise, circuit, dance, yoga, Pilates and martial arts studios in all 50 states and Canada.

Commercial Property coverage is also available for small or large contents and equipment, tenant’s improvements, building and business income coverage. Workers Compensation insurance is available, as well as Surety Bonds. 

At AFS, we’ve got you covered!

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Insurance for Fitness Professionals

The best rates and the best coverage. Designed specifically for fitness professionals including personal trainers, group exercise instructors, Pilates, yoga, martial arts and similar disciplines.

Wherever You Are – Your AFS/SFIC Insurance is There 

Coverage through AFS/SFIC follows you wherever you work in the US! Whether you operate out of a single club, multiple clubs or even at a public facility such as a local park or activity center, we’ve got you covered. 

Same Day Coverage

Nobody wants to be without the safety and safety net of appropriate insurance.  The AFS/SFIC program can get you covered TODAY!

Everything You Need

Learn more

Understanding Insurance - What You Need to Know

So how does insurance affect you, why is it so critical, and what does it all mean? As a fitness professional, you need insurance for the simple fact of being protected.

In this guide we’ll answer your questions and provide examples of exactly what your insurance through AFS & SFIC protects you from.

Download the exclusive Guide and learn how you're protected

Community Programs

The purpose of building a community isn’t just to have a community; it’s so the community, working together, can improve the business climate for all members. Get the answers and support you seek without losing valuable time and no matter what stage your business is in. 

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Connect Directly With Industry Leaders

Get connected to industry leaders and experts with a shared passion to support your efforts no matter where you are professionally. With 50+ years in the fitness industry, the experience and connections you'll receive enable you to leverage your membership for maximum value.

With AFS, we’re making association personable again. You ask, we answer. Basic members can take advantage of all our affilated experts, while Premier members receive enhanced access to our Advisory Council and AFS executive team.

Free expert advice 

Premier connections

AFS Mentorship Program

Mentoring is developing a sustained, trusting relationship with an experienced studio/gym owner (the mentor) who gives advice to a less-experienced person in the same field (the mentee).

AFS’ Mentoring Program connects guidance-seekers with the generous owners willing to “give back” for the good of the industry.

Learn more about the AFS Mentorship Program

Member Networking

Connect and share insights on hot topics and trends affecting your business. Things like the impact of ClassPass and similar programs, effective marketing strategies, dealing with competition, and more.

You’ve got questions; we’ve got the Community to provide not only answers, but the right answers.

Access the platform to get the answers you seek, before you make that critical business decision. 

Connect now

Roundtable Discussions

Small, structured, interactive peer groups, held monthly, AFS Roundtables provide extensive discussion and feedback on the issues of vital interest to your business.

Roundtables are for AFS Premier members only and normally last 45 minutes. The typical structure of each roundtable is comprised of 10 minutes of presentation by an AFS member, chosen ahead of time, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback, and 5 minutes of closure by the moderator.

Learn more about AFS Roundtable Discussions

Peer Networking at AFS Events

AFS Business Education events are the perfect environment to seek out other studio owners or entrepreneurs.

Compare notes, ask the tough questions, help each other, knowing “been there, done that” is the greatest learning experience one can have.

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News & Publications

Stay engaged with timely updates about fitness trends, important industry developments, and business best practices through our website, e-newsletter, white papers and guides.

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Fitness Studio Operating and Financial Benchmarking Studies

Gain a competitive advantage by tapping into cutting-edge data generated by AFS' industry leading market research.  Obtain the metrics, KPI’s, percentages and ratios - all consolidated from hundreds of studio owners.

Industry leading research can be found in the pages of the 2014 Fitness Studio Industry Research Study, the 2015 Fitness Studio Operating & Financial Benchmarking Report, and the 2016 Marketing Best Practices Report. 

Gain a competitive advantage 

AFS Advocacy – We’re Stronger Together

You are not alone. Turn your voice into one persuasive collective shout through AFS. Political issues and initiatives arise on a daily basis that could threaten and negatively impact our industry and your business.

AFS is your authoritative support system. Keeping you informed to counter any negative press, law, regulation or policy and doing what’s right and in the best interest of our members. Become a member and create a positive change, share a common voice through the power of our community.

See the issues we’re keeping tabs on

Studio Success e-Book

Authored by industry expert Stephen Tharrett, Studio Success is the ultimate guide to studio ownership, providing nearly 200 pages of the business-centric “look behind the curtain.” A must-have for every studio owner or developer.

STUDIO SUCCESS is available for purchase at discounted rates for basic members and Premier members receive the entire eBook for FREE with membership! Learn everything from writing a business plan, raising money, budgeting, and marketing, to key insights from top operators, including Todd Durkin of Fitness Quest 10! 


White Papers & Guides

AFS White Papers and Guides are robust, to-the-point, synopses of topics that are vital to your business.


Everything from Insurance to Marketing to Where to Find Talent and many others – these focused analyses provide important insight into successful models.

See all White Papers & Guides

Exclusive Electronic Communications 

Two eNewsletters from AFS brings you timely news, updates and opportunities to ensure you are getting the most value from your AFS membership.  

Revenue Producing Programs & Discounts

AFS members gain access to a wealth of new business opportunities. Save valuable time and tap into the combined buying power of the fitness studio community. Check out the following programs and save money on pre-negotiated deals on relevant products and services!


“AFS is providing a much needed business resource for studio owners and fitness professionals. There are several organizations available to the large club owner, but none targeted for the studio market…until now. I highly recommend you consider joining.”

Rick Mayo
CEO, North Point Fitness & Alloy Personal Training Solutions
Atlanta, GA

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Events & Workshops 

Pre-negotiated discounts to some of the best events and workshops around! 

  • Receive 25% off the Club Industry Show All-Access Pass or Single Day Registrations
  • 50% off the NorCal Fitness Summit
  • Save 30% on EMPOWER! FUSION
  • 50% Discount on all Perform Better Summit Registrations
  • Save up to 25% on Merrithew™ Equipment When You Host a Course or Workshop

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Connect with the people, products and services necessary to drive more traffic to your business!

  • Complimentary 30-Minute Marketing Coaching Session with Susan K. Bailey Marketing
  • Exposure to Millions of Consumers through the Preventure/IFCN Network 
  • 50% off Medical Fitness Network Membership - Drive traffic with Referrals from the Medical Community 

See all Marketing Savings & Programs


Sports & Fitness Insurance Corporation (SFIC) offers all AFS members a Free Consultation, $50 off General Liability policy, and $15 off Personal Trainer and Group X rates.

The nation's leading insurer of studios, trainers, and instructors provides the best coverage at the best rates. Comprehensive insurance coverage exclusively for the fitness industry. AFS Members receive customized plans, discounted pricing and dedicated customer service. 

Learn About Insurance

Nutrition and Supplements

Grow your bottom line by learning more about nutrition and supplement programs for your business. Receive Exclusive Pricing. 50% Profit Margins.  

Receive Exclusive AFS Pricing and Minimum 50% Profit Margins (100% Mark-up). Pure Solutions gives you the opportunity to utilize the resources, knowledge, and variety of nutritional products our company has to offer to help you conquer even the most courageous personal/financial goals and client objectives. 

Learn About Pure Solutions

Certifying and Licensing Organizations

Save on your certifications, receive on-site training and complimentary business analysis. 

  • 20% off of all TRX Commercial Gear and Education
  • 50% off one RealRyder® Cycling Instructor Training Program 
  • Receive a 20% Hosting Fee on Kettlebell Certification, Plus a Free Attendee
  • 10% Discount on Self Study Certification 
  • Free 30-minute Business Assessment Consultation with Alloy Personal Training Solutions ($100 value)

See all Certification & Licensing Savings & Programs

Fitness Accessories

Discounts pre-negotiated to make sure you get the best prices for all your fitness accessory needs. 

  • 10% off all Product Orders from Perform Better 
  • 20% off of all TRX Commercial Gear and Education
  • 2 Months of Free Licensing with MYZONE
  • 10% Discount on Products from Merrithew™ 
  • Heart Rate Monitor ARMBANDS - 5 Free When You Get a System with Heart Zones
  • 10% off all Heart Rate Monitors with the Purchase of the Accuro Fit Dynamic Heart Rate Display System​. 
  • Plus special pricing from Power Systems!

See all Fitness Accessories Savings & Programs

Equipment Manufactures

Tap into the cost savings for all your equipment needs through special AFS partners. 

  • 10% off all Product Orders from Perform Better
  • 20% off of all TRX Commercial Gear and Education
  • 50% off Well+ Kit & Boards from SportsArt with Purchase of 10 or More ECO-POWR Units
  • 50% off one RealRyder® Cycling Instructor Training Program 
  • Special Pricing from MATRIX Fitness
  • Special Pricing on all Orders from Keiser
  • Special Pricing on all Orders from Total Gym
  • Special Discounts from American Barbell for AFS members

See all Equipment Savings & Programs


Get yourself and your business running at full capacity with exclusive discounts on the top names in software. 

  • Receive Half off the Listing Price for Your First 4 Months for any MINDBODY Plan
  • One Month FREE & 10% Off for Life from OneFitStop
  • Create a Loyalty Program in Minutes with Perkville - 20% off First Two Months 
  • One Month FREE & ½ Off Setup Fees with EZFacility. 

See all Software & Technology Savings & Programs 

Legal and Finance

Product yourself at all costs, receive the proper legal and business documentation plus additional financial advice. Save 15% on LegalZoom Documents and Services. Free Financial Consultation with Business Finance Depot.

Save 15% on LegalZoom Documents and Services.* Whether you are just starting out or have an established business, LegalZoom has the services to meet your needs. LegalZoom is an easy-to-use, online service that helps people create their own legal documents and access independent attorneys and tax professionals through its legal plans. It is the nation’s leading provider of personalized, affordable online legal solutions for families and small business.

Free Financial Consultation with Business Finance Depot. Worry no more about how to pay for that. Business Finance Depot specializes in SBA loans, with the motto "no deal too small." No upfront fees, always safe & secure. Secure great rates for your business.



Tap into the resources to boost your online presence - and all through AFS programs.   

  • 20% off Weebly's Website Building, eCommerce, and Email Marketing Platform
  • Get 3 Months Video Platform Membership FREE with Intelivideo
  • Get first 3 Months of Website Care and Hosting FREE with SuperPowered Web 
  • Free Comprehensive Website Assessment with Avenue Web Media ($350 value)

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