The fitness world is constantly evolving, the owners and operators within the fitness industry need to evolve as well. Small group, result-driven training experiences are on the rise with no sign of this fitness experience losing momentum. For fitness studios to be relevant in the current landscape, a facility must provide an immersive training experience for their members and clients.

Join us and learn how to properly position your facility for the next fitness evolution in order to attract and retain a membership base that creates a dynamic and highly successful premium fitness studio experience.

In this Webinar you'll learn...

  • The latest worldwide trends in boutique fitness studios
  • How the digital revolution is taking over the fitness industry
  • How to create sound group training programs while providing an amazing environment rather than just fitness chaos
  • To understand the biggest risks to your current business model
  • How to make your brand the key to success while providing a career path for your key fitness professionals



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