Coursework Information 

Each of these courses are intended to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of business risk management. Risk management is the process of identifying business risks, assessing those risks, and implementing actions and strategies to reduce and/or eliminate those risks.

Risk management for fitness studios speaks to creating, fostering and delivering a safe environment for clients and employees, while also protecting the assets of the business. 

Key Takeaways include:

  • Gain a complete understanding of business risk management
  • Identify the impact of operating by a code of ethics and doing business the right way
  • Learn to implement actions and strategies to reduce and/or eliminate risks
  • Determine the right ways to create a safe environment for clients and employees
  • How to protect the assets of your business

CEC/CEUs- ACE: 0.2, NASM: 0.2, AFAA: 2, NSCA: 0.3, ACSM: 2

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Course One – The Policies and Practices You Need to Know

Learning Objectives

  • Define what risk management is and how it impacts the safety of your clients
  • Describe the specific practices in respect to client safety that a fitness studio needs to institute to reduce client risk and overall business risk
  • Detail what is required to implement an emergency response system, including a public access defibrillation program in a fitness studio.
  • Learn what is meant by business ethics and how business ethics can differ from what is legally mandated in respect to conducting business
  • Describe and execute on specific practices and policies that employees, clients and the marketplace would describe as a business with good ethics.

Learning Activities

  • Risk Management for the Studio Operator
  • The Business Impact of Operating by a Code of Ethics
  • Reducing Risk in Your Studio
  • Business Ethics – Doing Business the Right Way for the Right Reasons
  • Why Risk Management is Important
  • And more!

Course Two – Consumer Safety and Business Ethics

Learning Objectives

  • Be able define what risk management is and how it impacts the safety of a studios employees and contractors
  • Describe the specific actions a studio should take to reduce health and safety risk to its staff
  • Identify the specific actions a studio should take to protect the assets of its business from legal action or financial loss in respect to its handling of employee and contractors.

Learning Activities

  • Risk Management Practices to Enhance Employee Safety
  • Risk Management Practices to Reduce Business Risk Involving Employees
  • The Importance of Liability Waivers in Managing Business Risk
  • Understanding Insurance
  • Risk Management for Reducing Employee and Business Risk
  • Watch video entitled An Overview of Insurance Coverage
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Studios
  • Plus much more!

Testing Your Knowledge 

Once each course is completed, you will take either a short eight or 10 question test that is designed to measure your retention of the content from the course. A score of 80% on the first test and 75% on the 2nd course test represents mastery and will result in earning the designated course CEC/CEUs.

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