Coursework Information 

Each of the courses within this learning path are intended to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to create, foster and deliver enriching and memorable experiences.

These skills are essential to generating client loyalty and advocacy. In turn, client loyalty and advocacy are the driving forces behind a thriving studio/gym business.

Key Takeaways include:

  • Learn to create, foster and deliver enriching and memorable client experiences
  • Generating lasting relationships to build client loyalty and advocacy
  • Identify the metrics and tools used most frequently to ensure business success
  • Design, develop and excel at customer service standards

CEC/CEUs- ACE: 0.3, NASM: 0.3, AFAA: 3, NSCA: 0.4, ACSM: 3

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Course One - The Importance of the Client Experience and Building Customer Loyalty

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what client/customer loyalty is and why it is important to operate a thriving studio/gym business
  • Identify the connection between client/customer loyalty and the manner in which a studio stages and delivers its client experiences
  • Explain the member value equation and its relevance to delivering enriching and rewarding experiences for a studio’s clients 
  • Learn the metrics and tools used most frequently to measure the client/customer experience, including the Net Promotor Score
  • Describe some of the essential elements of great customer service

Learning Activities

  • Staging Memorable Experiences for Clients and Members
  • The Client Value Equation
  • Understanding Customer Loyalty and How to Measure It
  • The Net Promotor Score
  • The Art and Science of the Client Experience
  • And more!

Course Two – Understanding Consumer Expectations and the Fitness Studio Value Proposition

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what composes the unique value proposition of boutique fitness studios and how a fitness studio can leverage each of these to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace
  • Learn all about the Millennial Effect and why the elements of this consumer influence is so vital to understanding consumer behavior
  • Be able to describe the core fitness and lifestyle needs consumers have when it comes to their decision to engage with a fitness studio

Learning Activities

  • Understanding the Fitness Studio Consumer
  • Tips for Engaging Your Studio Clients
  • Why Results Matter to the Member Experience
  • A Value Proposition Built on Authenticity
  • Plus more!

Course Three - Creating a Brand Promise and Delivering Memorable Client Experiences 

Learning Objectives 

  • Learn what a value proposition and brand promise are, and why they are important to fostering a thriving studio business
  • Describe the key elements required to build a differentiated and successful brand promise that stands out in the marketplace
  • Identify what is meant by customer switching behavior and what can be done to prevent it

Learning Activities

  • Creating a Unique and Compelling Brand Promise for Your Studio
  • How Strong are Your Studios Switching Costs
  • Cult Brands – Building a Brand that Creates Fanatical Pride in Belonging
  • What to Do to Stand Out Among a Sea of Competitors
  • Driving Experiences through Your Members
  • And more!

Testing Your Knowledge

Once each course is completed, you will take either a short eight or 10 question test that is designed to measure your retention of the content from the course. A score of 80% on the first test and 75% on the other two tests represents mastery and will result in earning the designated course CEC/CEUs.

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