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By Ruben Mejia, Special FBA Contributor

As fitness enthusiasts begin to find their way back to their favorite clubs, gyms, and other workout amenities, the owners and operators of these facilities are looking for ways to keep individuals engaged and excited.

SportsArt is always looking for opportunities to leverage our product innovations to help customers. Our revolutionary line of energy-generating cardio equipment, ECO-POWRTM, is a great way for any facility—from the busiest commercial gym to lighter-use fitness amenities—to set itself apart and attract today’s green-minded individuals. But giving our customers a sustainable fitness solution that creates usable electricity is only the beginning.

Our SA WELL+TM software ecosystem is designed to help our customers get the most out of their ECO-POWRTM equipment. This versatile technology enhances the benefits of our energy-generating products by offering a number of gamification, tracking and coaching tools. The following are just some of the opportunities SA WELL+TM provides to attract, inspire, motivate and engage.

Information On Display

The moment a workout starts, our patented technology immediately begins creating electricity—up to 220 watt-hours of energy. Behind the scenes, that’s great for any facility because it helps reduce costs and offset their carbon footprint. But SA WELL+TM allows you to bring that information forward by displaying users’ efforts and showing how their workout is helping power the planet. Facilities can choose different information to display, including: 

  • Total Energy Generation: Show exactly how much energy has been generated since ECO-POWRTM equipment was installed. This number continues to grow—in real time—providing a tangible way for individuals to see the positive impact a facility is having.
  • Leaderboard: Display who is generating the most energy, RIGHT NOW in real-time. Not only does this make users feel like they’re part of the solution (because they are!), it encourages them to continue working out to generate more and do more good. It can also inspire a healthy sense of competition, a great way to give users some self-motivation.
  • Top Generating Users: You can also display individual energy generation in a variety of ways. Choose to show who has generated the most electricity all-time, or by month. You can show the top generating athletes—which can inspire pride and create some healthy competition.

In order to display leaderboard or top generating users by name, those individuals must have the SA WELL+TM app on their mobile device and they must be recording their workout on the app. For individuals who don’t have the app, facilities can display these same numbers by machine, so users can still be engaged and see exactly how they’re doing in real-time.

Unique Promotions

SA WELL+TM and ECO-POWRTM also provide exciting promotional opportunities. Beyond the usual special events or competitions, these events have an underlying sustainability aspect that enhances perceptions and draws a socially conscious audience. 

  • Electricity Events: Create special events focusing on generating a certain amount of energy. These can even be a series of events, each one focused on beating the amount previously generated. This brings people in the door, and creates a sense of belonging and camaraderie as fitness enthusiasts unite to send energy back to the grid. Add a philanthropic element by hosting these events for charity, and offering a donation match based on energy generated.
  • Incentives: Another great way to encourage users is to offer special discounts, prizes and incentives based on the amount of energy they generate. By offering a variety of constantly changing and evolving incentives, you keep users interested and motivated to come to your facility and use your ECO-POWRTM machines.
  • Competitions: For some people, nothing is as motivational as a little healthy competition. Along with creating internal competitions, you can pit your facility, team or university against a rival to see who can generate the most electricity. It can be a single-day event or a competition over time. Regardless of how you set it up, only one winner gets bragging rights, but everyone can feel good about generating energy and doing their part to help serve the planet.

Additional Benefits

We’ve only covered a few of the opportunities and capabilities of SA WELL+TM. There are other benefits that go beyond engagement to help support our customers.

  • User App: Individuals who download the app can track their workouts and monitor how much energy they’re generating in real time. 
  • Coach App: Fitness trainers and instructors can monitor and coach ECO-POWRTM users to maximize their performance and energy production.
  • Asset Management: Use SA WELL+TM on the backend to display equipment usage stats and device error codes. You can also set reminders on when your equipment needs to be serviced and see how much electricity your members are producing.

At SportsArt we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and developing innovative solutions that help support their growth and success. Part of our future developments include updates to SA WELL+TM, these updates will allow facilities to have even more opportunities to engage their audiences in fresh and meaningful ways. We’re also always expanding our ECO-POWRTM line to meet more needs and serve more customers.

As sustainability continues to grow in importance, SportsArt makes sure that every workout inspires performance for our shared world.

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Ruben Mejia, executive vice president for SportsArt Americas, has five years of experience in the fitness industry, previously holding the title of chief technology officer. Prior to his work at SportsArt, Mejia held executive roles within the technology and e-commerce spaces. In 2000, after four years of active deployment in the military, Mejia began working in the corporate IT and telecommunication fields for the U.S. Army, launching his career and interest in the technology industry as a whole.

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