Whether your business is currently closed, has reopened, or you've moved things outside, your members will be monitoring your cleaning regimen like never before.  Moreso, they will be watching how other members/clients behave to ensure their safety.  During this webinar we'll discuss the regular inspection, care, and cleaning procedures that will not only extend the life cycle of your fitness equipment but how that will contribute positively to member experience, retention, and recruitment. This session will examine how to properly care for the most popular fitness accessories from free weights and kettlebells, med balls and stability balls, mats and flooring and more.

In this Webinar you will learn...

  • Proper procedures for cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting fitness equipment & flooring.
  • How to choose the best equipment cleaning solutions based on active ingredients.
  • How to properly store and inspect fitness accessories based on equipment type.
  • Replenishment cycles based on equipment type and use.
  • How to communicate to your members/clients all the safety and cleanliness procedures you've implemented.



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