Fitness Marketing Agency Joins Highest Sponsorship Tier with the FBA

“The platinum level tier will provide FMA every opportunity to majorly impact even more Fitness Business Owners!"

(MINNEAPOLIS, MN, December 20, 2022) – Hot on the heels of several new and upcoming big announcements comes news from the Fitness Business Association (FBA) that the Fitness Marketing Agency (FMA) has signed on to become a Platinum-level sponsor.

Fitness Marketing Agency is considered the authority on marketing in the fitness industry worldwide helping Gym Owners and Coaches market their message to get more leads, sales and have a greater impact. No matter what your service or product is, if you’re in the fitness industry the FMA team can show you how to market and sell it more effectively.

"What Fitness Marketing Agency brings to the FBA is an absolutely critical component to building better businesses in the fitness industry," said Josh Leve, FBA & SUCCEED! founder & CEO. "Time and time again our research shows us that the #1 desired element that our audience seeks is more leads. What Ben and his entire team have created with the FMA is a perfect match to the FBA value proposition and a relationship that will become a game-changer for so many fitness professionals."

According to FMA, growing your fitness business, product or service in this industry can be tough but with the right marketing – marketing that consistently brings you new customers and sales – it becomes much easier. If you’re frustrated and unclear what to do next with your marketing and know you have the potential to scale, impact and leave a legacy with the product and services you sell, then Fitness Marketing Agency can help you so you’ll never struggle again to get new clients.

“We've had the FBA in our sights for some time now," said Ben Davis, Founder and CEO of Fitness Marketing Agency. "At Fitness Marketing Agency one of the reasons our clients are so successful is because of the support team we've assembled to guide our clients to success. Being able to position ourselves strategically throughout many of the FBA and their SUCCEED! virtual conferences will yield significant growth to our bottom line. We're already getting started on 2023 initiatives."

With exposure throughout many FBA activities along with many new lead generation and brand exposure avenues, Fitness Marketing Agency stands to benefit greatly from the partnership.

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About the FBA

The Fitness Business Association (FBA) is the only membership community dedicated solely to fitness businesses of all types. FBA provides owners and fitness professionals a wide array of business-specific products, services, and benefits that enable them to more effectively manage and grow their businesses, building on the passion, compassion, and courage they’ve already shown. FBA educational offerings include SUCCEED! Fitness Business Conventions & Expos - both in-person and virtual.

About SUCCEED! Conferences & Expos

Launched in May 2019 as an in-person event, and continuing with four virtual events a year, SUCCEED! Conferences & Expos have drawn over 20,000 owners, operators, fitpros, and aspiring fitness business owners of all types. Up next is the SUCCEED! Virtual Conference & Expo, March 2-5, 2023.

About Fitness Marketing Agency

Fitness Marketing Agency’s purpose is to empower and educate Fitness Business Owners in order to impact more people. FMA provide fitness businesses with the skills and tools to successfully market and sell their product/service allowing them to continue to grow their business. FMA are fanatical about client results which is why they offer so much more than just marketing. FMA will give you all of the training and resources you need to build and grow a successful fitness business

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