The Gym Joins AFS '20 Years of Vision, Trust, Performance'


(OAKLAND, CA, SAN DIEGO, CA, March 11, 2019)  – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed The Gym to its membership ranks.

The Gym. Straightforward. Simple. Is what it says it is. No fancy “wellness” phrases. No false promises. No complications. A fitness facility brand created by a diverse group of industry professionals and club owners who became extremely disillusioned by the typical franchise model that they viewed as good for the franchisor but not so good for the franchisee.

More than 30 years ago George Jackson and Rick Stevenson opened the doors to The Gym, Pacific Beach, San Diego, CA. and the club quickly built a reputation as THE place to go if you wanted no-nonsense access to a gym that catered to every workout need regardless of your age, level or motivations.

“The Gym brings a new dimension to studio and gym ownership,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO. “Their unique background and operating experience positions the brand at the sweet spot of the industry. We believe they’ve got a great deal to offer current and potential fitness entrepreneurs.”

The Gym’s licensing concept addresses a market need that has yet to be filled both for the consumer and the owner/operator with the focus on the success of all parties.

The Gym believes that you are the master of your business and in complete control of its success and that you should benefit from being part of a brand network - otherwise, why not just do it yourself!?

“Our model is as simple as our name. We believe that the entire network should benefit from its size, relationships and brand equity,” said Jackson, a 35-year veteran of the fitness industry, and CEO of The Gym. “To be a part of The Gym family, we simply charge a licensing fee that is structured to ensure that the licensee benefits from the right tools and has access to the right solutions.”

The company stands on key principles of not taking a percentage of the operator’s revenue; not making money from third-party vendors, and a firm commitment to the success of each licensee. 

More information on The Gym can be found by contacting George Jackson at


About AFS 

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