In this featured spot, Joseph Hsiung, CEO & Founder of Fight Fitness shares his insight about how WellnessLiving made an immediate impact to his bottom line and helped scale his business to three locations! 

AFS: What were the top 5 motivating factors for you to start your own fitness business?

JH:  1. Freedom. I felt I had a brand and style of fitness that the world wanted and needed that I couldn't do working for others.
2. Impact. I would be able to scale my business and in turn, help even more people.
3. Lifestyle. Owning a business is challenging, long hours every day but it affords me a lifestyle that allows me to work on my terms. I'm able to even operate the business while away in different countries!
4. Challenge. Having a business is one of the greatest pursuits in my life (aside from my kids). The challenges always evolve and force you to get outside your comfort zone so you are always growing.
5. Legacy. Building a business on my terms means I'm building something that I hope one day will outlast me! 

AFS: What were the top 3 roadblocks you encountered along the way?​

JH:  1. People. I've always heard the saying "It's hard to find good people," and used to believe it, but there are actually LOTS of good people. You just need to ensure that these people align with your business values and mission. If they don't it's not that they aren't "good" people, it just means they are not good for your business.

2. Finances. Coaching skills, marketing and sales have always been my strength and they are critical skills you need when building a business, but when scaling to multiple locations as I have, learning how to manage finances can make or break your business. Having good data by having monthly closings, P and L's, cash flow forecasts and keeping an eye on your balance sheet will give the true health of your business.

3. Leadership. It's ALWAYS a leadership problem when something doesn't go right. I've lost a lot of good people because I've assumed they would know how and what to do. I needed to level up my leadership skills to grow my team to over 20+ and now I'm training leaders to lead others.

AFS: If you were starting over today, what would you do differently?

JH:  Simplify! I'd find a solid system that can do everything I need from lead nurturing with emails, retention automation and tracking of key stats in an easy to use interface. That's where WellnessLiving came in! They have everything I need to run the business with simple dashboards that give me accurate metrics daily.

AFS: What was the turning point in your business?

JH:  Having scaled to two locations, over 400+ members, and 20+ employees, managing data became more important than ever. We've used clunky, expensive systems in the past and they made it a challenge to manage clients and employees, but with WellnessLiving, we're now able to do it with both our locations easily!

AFS: How did leveraging WellnessLiving impact your bottom line?  How long did it take?​

JH:  Immediately! Their fees are reasonable and their support is responsive. Matter of fact, since we are located in nearly the same city, we even had reps come out and help with the onboarding of our team to the system multiple times. Great service!

JH:  I envision Fight Fitness to grow past our brick and mortar locations. We're doing a big push into the online world with remote coaching and also broadcasting of our fitness kickboxing workouts. Also, we're in the process of launching our nationally accredited fitness kickboxing certification so trainers can learn how to work fitness kickboxing with their clients growing the demand!



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WellnessLiving is a business management software company that offers complete solutions to business owners in the health and wellness industry.

Its software is cloud-based and easy to use, allowing businesses to attract, engage, and retain their clients.

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