In this featured spot, Kolleen Losch a studio owner of two locations (CORE Physique and CORE 57) tells us how in under one year Power Systems helped her win the award for Best Gym in Alpharetta, GA over the competition.

AFS: Tell the audience about your background and how CORE57 came to be? ​

KL:  I'm a nationally recognized personal trainer and presenter who strives to bring an innovative and scientific approach to my training programs.  As a former competitive gymnast and collegiate cheerleader, both physical fitness and healthy nutrition practices have fueled my success and passion from a young age. As a fitness professional, I specialize in corrective exercise and serve as a Senior Master Trainer for TriggerPoint. 

In 2008, I opened my first training studio, CORE Physique, on a mission to create an entirely new experience for a healthy life through empowering examples, community, and knowledge, and in the Fall of 2018, I opened my second location CORE57.

AFS: When you engaged with Power Systems, what problem were you trying to solve?  

"I opened CORE57 in Fall 2018 and by Spring 2019 won the award of Best Gym in Alpharetta, GA over the competition large and small with a 49% new member growth." - Kolleen Losch, Owner CORE Physique and CORE57

KL:  I had just completed the application process with the city of Alpharetta to become the premiere physical fitness facility housed in the City Center. When I was informed that the concept for CORE57, was accepted to the downtown development project, I contacted Power Systems to start the brainstorming process for the studio.

I had 2800 sq. ft. of space to make CORE57 shine in the 26- acre prime residential, retail, and restaurant revitalization project of Downtown Alpharetta - all of which is located less than ten minutes and five miles from at least 15 other fitness facilities of all shapes and sizes including the biggest name brands in health clubs & boutiques.  

AFS: How did Power Systems help you solve your problem?

KL: I shared my vision to create a high-end training studio experience that offers the CORE program to the community with equipment that matches my programming style – top quality and thoughtfully selected.

Maximizing the square footage and the workout flow of the CORE57 space was of utmost importance as nearly 100% of the workouts hosted here are semi-private SGT sessions and large group classes. After reviewing the blueprints for CORE57 and listening to my needs and concerns for the space, Power Systems built a customized Pinnacle Rack Storage System that would store the variety and quantity of equipment needed for training groups of up to 22 people.

The 23’ custom Pinnacle Rack optimized the flow of the group sessions by providing easy access to equipment in less than 100 sq. ft. of floor space. 

AFS: Why did you choose Power Systems as your solution?

KL:  I picked Power Systems for their attention to detail. They have been incredible to work with. Power Systems listened to my vision and delivered on the product. They never tried to up-sell me on equipment that was not going to benefit my members.  

AFS: What would have happened if you had NOT made the decision to work with Power Systems?

KL:  I don't know how I could have accomplished my goal without Power Systems.  My other location is twice the size of this space, however, this new location needed a design that could be functional and fit 20 people in it, on a smaller scale. And that was a challenge for us.

So what kind of equipment do you purchase and how do you place that equipment in a space that is half the size for 20 people?  

AFS: What measurable benefits have you seen?

KL:  I opened CORE57 in Fall 2018 and by Spring 2019 won the award of Best Gym in Alpharetta, GA over the competition large and small with a 49% new member growth.

The open concept made possible by the collaboration with the Power Systems team, laying out a well-appointed space, maximizing every square inch and optimizing storage space by going vertical with CORE’s custom Pinnacle Rack allows my team to host large group session of up to 22 people at a time. 

We worked together to achieve the goal of creating a high-quality, results-driven fitness experience with quality equipment and unique programming designed to fit the needs of my community.   



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