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A hormone imbalance occurs when there is too much or too little of a hormone in the bloodstream. Hormones have an essential role in our bodies and because of this, even a small imbalance can cause side effects. So, what are hormones, they are a chemical substance produced by glands in the endocrine system.

What is EstroLean?

EstroLean is an estrogen supplement that helps to even out the hormonal levels by lowering the estrogen levels and brining the testosterone levels back up to a normal point. It may be surprising to know that both males and females have estrogen and testosterone. Females tend to have higher levels of estrogen whereas males have higher levels of testosterone. The symptoms for high estrogen include bloating, fatigue, irregular periods, and difficulty sleeping.

Testosterone in Women

When testosterone is at normal levels it helps to regulate mood, bone growth, increase muscle mass, and support cardiovascular health. Long term birth control and medications can cause testosterone levels to decrease. High testosterone levels put women at an increased risk of obesity and infertility. Hormone imbalances can cause a range of different side effects, which is what makes it so important. It may be difficult to balance our hormones by diet, exercise, and stress thus, this is the main purpose of using a daily supplement.

In addition to the supplement, hormone balance methods include...

  • Protein at every meal
  • Regular exercise
  • Manage/less stress
  • Not overeating or undereating.
  • Eat fish often

Men Get Moody Too

Sure, men can behave poorly and have drastic shifts in mood. It’s typical for people to think that aggressive, impulsive, and competitive guys have high testosterone, but that’s not the case. Many people falsely accuse the symptoms of anabolic steroid use with symptoms of high testosterone. Since we covered the false information, let’s get to the facts around testosterone.

Highs and Lows

Men and women produce testosterone, but men produce more. In men, low testosterone levels can lead to a variety of health issues. Healthy testosterone levels are essential, not only for optimal strength, muscle mass, and body fat levels. It’s also necessary for its correlation with bone density, heart health, cognition, and sleep quality. There are many supplements on the market that contain vitamins and minerals, but only certain ones improve testosterone. Those certain vitamins and minerals are magnesium and zinc.

Vitamins and Minerals to Increase Testosterone

Most Americans are deficient in magnesium. Magnesium is normally advertised as the relaxation nutrient because it’s linked to sleep quality, lower stress, better blood pressure, and workout recovery. If you’re deficient in testosterone supplementing magnesium doesn’t raise levels beyond normal but stops it from becoming abnormally low. It’s significant to recognize that in addition to a magnesium supplement, regular exercise and eating leafy greens will have effects on testosterone.

The advantages of zinc are increased immune health as well as the optimal production of testosterone and androgens. Zinc is found in fish, beef, chicken, and lentils. It’s easy to obtain suitable levels of zinc in our diets, but it's quickly lost from perspiration. If you exercise frequently than chances are you utilize zinc and eating a sufficient amount of foods to replenish your levels can be expensive and excessive. Thus, zinc is a commonly used supplement by many people.

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Coach Jason DeRose is the Owner/Founder of FASTER Fitness and Jason got his start from the ESPN reality TV show, Bound for Glory as the strength and conditioning coach of the featured football team with the worst losing streak in the country.  During the show, Jason had the opportunity to work with some of the most notable fitness and performance coaches in the world.  Once the show concluded in 2008, Jason established FASTER, his own fitness and performance facility. FASTER began as a part-time 1,000 square ft. training facility and is now a full-time operation in 7,000 square ft. with 2 additional locations complete with a smoothie bar, chiropractic services, and its own extensive nutritional/supplement line.

As nutrition and dietary support have always been an additional passion for Jason.  It was his mission to provide effective, clean ingredients, properly tested supplements with superior taste to his clients.  In 2017, Jason sought out a nutritional expert to create such supplements for his clients of FASTER.  With the success of FASTER’s branded supplements, came the demand from other fitness facilities to provide their clients with similar products.  Thus, was created to meet this demand and supply industry owners trusted supplements for their clients under their own labeled brand with minimal start-up fees and order requirements. Through, Jason has helped many fitness/wellness industry owners to private label his products as their own for the benefit of their clients and an additional revenue strand for their business.

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