The big digital disruptors like Amazon, Uber and Netflix have massively raised consumers service expectations with their customer-centric focus on service delivery. Customers now expect to be able to make bookings, communicate, purchase goods etc anywhere, anytime with just a few clicks on their mobile phones and there is increasing pressure on the rest of industry to catch up.

Introducing a digital business management solution can elevate the customer experience and improve operational visibility overnight. Once onboard individuals wonder how they ever managed without it. It is absolutely transformational.

We'll discuss...

  • Bookings and the need for flexibility: reserve equipment, a class or a training session
  • Payments: Different configurations and types - payments direct to instructors
  • Content for staff and clients: Give staff and clients great content
  • Operational visibility: Tracking your KPIs
  • Communication: Ensuring your clients and staff get all the communications they need
  • Ecommerce: Increasing revenue through secondary spend



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