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By Rob Lander, Special FBA Contributor

Reflecting on performance progress is as important as setting performance goals. Without reflection, it’s very difficult for a client to understand and track the return on their training effort, an important component of motivation and maintaining an exercise habit.

Fisikal has incorporated workout-tracking into the DNA of its functionality, creating an accurate record of all workouts, complete with details of prescribed variables such as repetitions, resistance, and duration.

Here Rob Lander, CEO and Founder at Fisikal explains how this functionality can keep clients on track and investing in their supported training whilst also helping trainers to ensure clients are prescribed effective and safe progressions that push them towards their bespoke training goals.

As we move rapidly into the digital age, clients are becoming more and more data-hungry. This is matched by the technological capability of being able to deliver detailed, real-time, and historical information to individuals any time anywhere via a mobile device. 

Creating an easily accessible, historical record of workouts, training plans and performance progress, provides a simple means of evidencing performance improvements to clients and is a function any operator should look for when choosing a digital platform to support their business.

Everybody experiences motivational slumps from time to time. Understanding performance improvement over time and the evidence of progress towards goals can be hugely motivating. For example if, 6 months ago a client can see they were only bench pressing 30kg and completing 3 pull-ups but today they are lifting 45kg and completing 10 pull-ups whilst their fitness tracker is recording a reduction in resting heart rate of 5 beats per minute and an improvement in recovery time, they are much more likely to make the effort to roll out of bed for by 6.30 am personal training session.

When choosing an app, operators should make sure the recording and recalling of historical workout information for each and every client is a core function. Full workouts should be recorded, complete with resistance and intensity parameters so the operator or the client can dip in and recall data relating to individual workouts at any point in history or can create graphical information that provides an instant snapshot of improvement over a specified time frame.

This capability is absolutely core to the Fisikal offer and is a workflow we are constantly upgrading to ensure trainers are provided with the tools they need to maintain client engagement. Gone are the days when operators need to maintain paper records. Historical performance and workout information should now all be available at the touch of a button with the option to display data in a variety of ways to help the operators evidence a client's return of training investment.

Recording and logging this information can also provide a valuable business analysis tool.

Fisikal utilises Integrated Business Intelligent (BI) dashboards, to collate data either client-specific or across multiple clients to enable quick and easy analytics.

For example, an operator might be interested to understand how many times, on average, their clients are working out in a week or which type of digital classes or exercise sequences are most popular. Operators can also gain insight into which exercises and workout sequences are not being completed, suggesting low engagement and providing an opportunity to switch these out for more popular options, heading off disengagement before it leads to a subscription cancellation.

Reflecting on the training journey, in terms of performance progress, needs to be a vital component of any member engagement model. Digitalization is making the recall of historical data so much easier but it is still important that the data collated is presented in a format that is easy to understand and usable as a motivational tool to encourage continued engagement.

The Fisikal platform is built on decades of first-hand practical application and client feedback, enabling us to create a product that drives business success.

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Rob has over 20 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry, as a former personal trainer who built a successful business of 50 sessions per week. Rob has also spent many years as an international presenter lecturing on “Technology in the fitness industry”.

Rob was the guy with the problem and is the content matter expert. Rob started with little knowledge of technology other than the vision that one day we would all be using it for many areas of our lives.

Organizations all over the world now come to Fisikal seeking our advice on how systems and processes can be optimized. As Rob has worked in all areas of the Fitness Industry this gives him multiple perspectives to help advise on how solutions could be created but also with his advanced knowledge of technology – what the future holds and how we can adapt internal processes so they can leverage technology efficiently.

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