Personal 20, a new fitness licensed program offering a branded boutique experience with Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), has arrived from Europe to America. Debuting at the IHRSA 2016 convention and trade show, Personal 20 is headed by Vivafit Co-founder Constance (Connie) Ruiz as the general manager for USA expansion. The brand is powered by E-Fit — the first and only EMS technology with FDA clearance.

Personal 20 was founded in Portugal by Vivafit Co-founder Pedro Ruiz and partner Alexandre Lourenço, co-founder of Body Concept beauty franchise. Creating a business model that solves the problem of “no time to exercise” — the Personal 20 program with EMS can deliver results with trainings in 20 minutes that have the same benefits as a traditional 90 minute workout. Why? Because with EMS, 36,000 muscle contractions occur, targeting deep muscle fibers, while the client is doing an exercise workout program with a skilled Personal Trainer who is approved to work with this new wearable technology.

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