B to B Networking. Let’s Rise Together

Brennan Donahue

Business to business networking can create valuable long-term relationships and results, but it has to be done right. Dr. Donahue built his business almost exclusively on B to B networking. He shares how to do it correctly.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast...

  • What is Dr. Donahue’s criteria for working with a trainer or fitness business?
  • The 3 R's
  • The breakdown on how to network market your business
  • Why you have to curate your message for your audience
  • Do you follow up?
  • Be a solid person and you will build solid relationships
  • What turns doc off about a trainer or training facility?

Mindset and Development

  • What has been Brennan's most successful failure?
  • What has been his biggest surprise in the fitness industry?
  • Where does he go for personal and professional development?


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