Kicking Down Doors to New Referral Sources

Joanne Macza

We all start with one client, but how do you grow that into a business. Use your own clients as marketing machines for you. That is exactly what Joanne and Sam did and grew their PT clinic from 1 to 250 clients in a short time. They share how they did it and so much more in this episode.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast...

  • How they went from 1 patient to over 250
  • Why you need to have the business in your business
  • How to turn your clients into your own marketing machines
  • We talk about the gym and trainer stereotype and how not to be one
  • How to open doors to referral sources
  • How to get comfortable marketing yourself
  • What do they look for when speaking with a trainer or studio?

Mindset and Development

  • What has been her most successful failure?
  • What has been her biggest surprise in the fitness industry?
  • Where does she go for personal and professional development?


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Joanne Macza

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