Do You Work Harder on Yourself or Your Business?

Justin Tamsett
Active Management: Fitness Business Coaching

Your mindset, level of discipline and leadership can play a direct role in the success or failure of your business. These are things you need to pay attention to and improve. Justin Tamsett shares 7 Strategies that can help you improve these areas. He’s learned these in his 31 years in the Fitness Industry and he shares them with us on this episode.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast...

  • 7 Strategies to catapult your mindset and your business.
  • 4 Strategies to set up a winning morning ritual.
  • How to create your Tiger time.
  • Are you taking control of your professional development?
  • How to find the right coach for your business.

Mindset and Development

  • What is Justin’s most successful failure?
  • What is the biggest surprise in the fitness industry that he has had to deal with?
  • Where does Justin go for her personal and professional development?


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