Why Aren’t You Adding Members During COVID-19

Kate Laird
Love Your Body Fitness / Ottawa Canada

You’ve transitioned over to virtual and on-line services to keep your current clients. Why can’t you add New Clients? Kate Laird has added 30 New Members during COVID-19 and she shares how she did it.

Key Takeaways from this Podcast...

  • How to stratify your on-line memberships.
  • How you can add members during COVID-19.
  • The importance and impact of curating your product to your niche.
  • Stop giving away your knowledge and expertise for free.

Mindset and Development

  • What is Kate's most successful failure?
  • What is the biggest surprise in the fitness industry that she's had to deal with?
  • Where does Kate go for her personal and professional development?


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Kate Laird

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