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By Rob Lander, Special FBA Contributor

Gyms and fitness studios are facing challenging times and in light of this, it’s now more important than ever to embrace the right digital solution to streamline your operations, maximize business efficiencies and stay connected with members.

Here, we speak to Rob Lander, CEO at Fisikal, experts in business management software, about how streamlining your studio by restructuring its technology can lead to a seamless digital fitness journey for members and studio owners.

Streamlining the Tech

Over several years, studios may have developed a ‘spaghetti Junction’ of independent platforms all integrating to deliver the business rules, logic and digital experience to their members. As a result, studios could be paying an unnecessary premium price for multiple complex systems which are inflexible and difficult to adapt to evolving member needs.

By efficiently streamlining their technology, studios can enable more efficient processes, refine company operations and simplify any business intelligence reporting. This allows businesses to focus more time on the most important element; the member.


Live streaming via web or app-based platforms adds a whole new dimension to a studio’s offering. Combine this functionality with on-demand classes and members have a comprehensive blend of scheduled and time-flexible content to ensure they can incorporate activity into daily life.

By selecting the right digital solution, streaming live content enables the delivery of a highly bespoke, custom branded experience, beautifully connecting the digital to the physical offer for members.

The whole process from booking through to payment can be completed in-app or via the studio’s website. All data collated is available for analysis, presented via a single, easy to read, dashboard giving instant feedback on performance, allowing the studio to adapt quickly to meet member demand.



In addition to live-streamed classes, provide an on-demand schedule to give a 24/7, wraparound service to members that extend brand presence outside of the four walls of the facility.

With on-demand options, studios can control the ability to drip feed content into a planned timeline, releasing for a certain period of time or to a select group of members. This opens opportunities to introduce a tiered fee structure based on access rights.

Tap into the data analytics at the touch of a button to view how members are interacting with the On-Demand content in order to analyze customer behavior, trends, and how to stay ahead of the curve.

Personalized Communications

Now more than ever, connectivity is key. A digital provision keeps you connected with members, reaching outside of the four walls of your facility into their everyday lives, just a tap of a button away. This helps members stay motivated and in turn, keeps them loyal to your brand.

Automate personalized push notifications to members at the touch of a button. This could be a personal note sending congratulations for the achievement of a training goal, acknowledgment of a birthday, or a motivational message to drive re-engagement.

Fisikal also enables in-app, two-way communications. This ensures personal trainers and group exercise instructors maintain personal contact even when members are physically distant.

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Rob has over 20 years of experience in the Health and Fitness industry, as a former personal trainer who built a successful business of 50 sessions per week. Rob has also spent many years as an international presenter lecturing on “Technology in the fitness industry”.

Rob was the guy with the problem and is the content matter expert. Rob started with little knowledge of technology other than the vision that one day we would all be using it for many areas of our lives.

Organizations all over the world now come to Fisikal seeking our advice on how systems and processes can be optimized. As Rob has worked in all areas of the Fitness Industry this gives him multiple perspectives to help advise on how solutions could be created but also with his advanced knowledge of technology – what the future holds and how we can adapt internal processes so they can leverage technology efficiently.

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