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STUDIO SUCCESS! AFS' Authoritative Guide to Owning & Operating a Fitness Studio

Studio Success is the ultimate guide to studio ownership.  A 200-page must-read for any owner or developer, it’s the most relevant book in the fitness industry. 

What you'll learn: Section 1

From Vision to Reality

  • Creating a compelling brand
  • Establishing a legal business entity
  • Building a business plan
  • Raising money
  • Design and Developing your studio
  • Leasing and franchising
  • Selecting the right revenue model

What you'll learn: Section 2

Sustaining the Momentum

  • Marketing that drives traffic
  • Financial basics
  • The people factor
  • Staging memorable experiences
  • Risk management 

What you'll learn: Section 3

Insights from the Trenches

  • Lessons learned from current studio owners
  • The transition from Trainer to Owner

"Studio Success is the ultimate guide to studio ownership. At nearly 200 pages, it’s a book unlike any other in the fitness industry and one that will be relevant for many years to come. Studio Success gives a look behind the curtain, the real-raw truth. I love that!"

Isaiah Truyman
Owner, EZIA Human Performance