By Emma Excell​, Special FBA Contributor

Delivered well, group exercise can become the beating heart of any fitness offer, bringing together like-minded people into a loyal community. But, the experience does not start and end in the studio, it starts with the booking process and ends when the member exits the building. As a result, the whole process needs to ooze fluidity.

Here, Emma Excell, COO at Fisikal, experts in digital business solutions, explains how digitizing your group exercise offer can elevate the member experience to new heights.


Create the timetable you want embedded into your studio, club or operator website with the ability to filter by locations - if a multi-site operator, sub-locations or even to spot book-specific locations and equipment within a room.

Manage class descriptions, locations and restrictions all at just the touch of a button.  Your timetable can be branded to reflect your company’s brand pallet and color-coded to highlight specific categories of classes available with built-in tags to identify variabilities.

Simplify the member journey even further by adding filters to your timetable, be it by instructor, location or type of class


Times have changed. In today’s society, members require flexibility to empower them to fit classes around their family and work schedules. The more flexible your booking options the better

Deliver inclusive and purchase-option premium classes whilst being able to manage late cancellation periods globally or by specific class as well as offering an intelligent wait-list system.

Fisikal has even incorporated linked bookings so that members who train together, can book on behalf of each other if required.

Operators can create read-only, non-bookable class options for workshops or events and all class check-ins are managed by a cloud-based solution which simplifies the process for members, either via a stand-alone solution or connected to door controllers.


Take full control of your booking schedule by streamlining bulk or finite administration operations at just the touch of a button.

Whether it be to control advanced bookings or select cut-off times or to set age restrictions or configure wait-list settings, operators can schedule specific release times for classes or set specific closing times pre-class.

Configure advanced waiting list controls, manage a strike system to remove permissions from members for non-attendance and set bookings to inclusive classes or as pay-as-you-go options factoring in advanced credits or specific membership packages.

Stay engaged with members, encouraging them back to your booking page with an appointment reminder email and push notifications, send alerts to notify them of limited remaining class spaces, or to advertise key events.


Livestream and on-demand classes are important components of the new ‘service mix’, providing the opportunity to differentiate in the market, strengthen relations between studio and member 24/7 and monetise the online offer since there is nowhere else your community will be able to go to access your bespoke content.

Streamline how members can book and interact with online classes. Classes could be included in their membership package or as a premium service. Service tagging through ‘mood filters’ allows members to find specific classes based on how they are feeling, by outcome or by activity type.

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Emma Excell is the COO of Fisikal and heads up the operations team. Emma has over 4 years of experience in investment banking and over 14 years international property development. Emma has a degree in economics, provides business analysis, digital marketing strategies and project management skills

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