Success rarely happens by accident! Instead, success comes from establishing clear objectives, putting forward a plan to achieve them, and finally executing that plan with discipline. Alan Lakein is famously quoted as saying, “failing to plan is a plan to fail.” In this presentation we will delve into the actions studio owners/operators can take to set their business up for success in 2020. We will provide a framework for bringing the future to the present so you can make plans for it now rather than let chaos and entropy dictate your potential success in 2020.

In this Webinar you'll learn...

  • The why and how’s of assessing your business’s past performance as a framework for building a plan for the future.
  • The importance of conducting the proper market research around your business in order to understand the dynamics of the marketplace; gain clarity on social, economic and cultural trends; and to understand the needs and drams of your clients.
  • Essential steps to building a realistic business plan and budget to guide your business into the future.
  • What metrics to monitor so you maintain a disciplined approach to executing your plans.



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