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While this is a different location and example than the video on the previous page, the day after a driver crashed a pickup truck into the front of a newly opened gym in Florida, the studio still managed to open for a 6 a.m. kickboxing class the next day!

The 6,000 sq.ft. club shares a parking lot with a bar. At 3 a.m. Sunday, one of the bar's patrons – since charged with DUI - drove a pickup into the gym’s lobby, demolishing three 6x12-foot glass windows and the front kiosk. 

"Glass was everywhere," co-owner Pete Davidsmeier said. "We cleaned up the glass for hours but still have to replace a lot of the carpets and mats because glass is still embedded in them."

Davidsmeier received a call at 3:30 a.m. from police informing him about the incident. "We jumped into the car and drove straight there," he said. "I was in complete shock at first but then got into survival mode."

After he arrived at the club, he called a restoration company that built a solid plywood wall to cover the broken windows. Club staff and members worked together to clean up from 3:30 a.m. until 10 p.m. Sunday.

"There is a very close family of people who train here," said Davidsmeier.  "The same people who were helping to clean up glass the night before were right back at it the next day to train."



It is more common than most people realize for cars and trucks to drive through glass store fronts of businesses and fitness centers experience their share of it.   Whether it is an impaired driver such as in the attached article, or simply someone who took  their foot off the brake or backed up too far too fast – these things do happen.

As a business owner, the important thing to keep in mind for your insurance coverage is whether or not your lease requires you to repair and replace the glass and glass door of your space.

These are building coverages so if you are responsible for the plate glass and door then it needs to be listed on your commercial property policy as either Building or Glass coverage and the amount is based on the replacement value of the glass, door and their frames.

A car coming into your space can also damage the flooring, counters and even equipment depending on where and how hard it impacts. Make sure all of your property coverage is current to prevent being under insured.


Jennifer Lowe
National Accounts Manager
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