By Sean Greeley, Special FBA Contributor

How can you build a successful fitness business or career that’s capable of producing $10,000 a month in income?

Over the years, we’ve seen many fitness business owners come and go. The ones that “make it” and grow to a 6-figure income all use powerful systems to overcome obstacles to achieve real growth.

Here are 4 of the most crucial factors for turning a passion for fitness into a 6-figure business:

1. Adopt a success mindset

Life gets complicated. In the fog of day-to-day tasks, you may start putting out fires all the time and stop moving toward your big goals. It’s easy to lose days, months, even years just trying to get it all done.

Your mindset must set you up for success and drive you toward your goals. That’s why you need to get clear on the following – and write it all down and review it every day:

  • Your WHY: What is your purpose in serving others in the fitness industry? For most people, there will be a deeply personal reason.
  • Your obstacles? What’s stopping you? Know what obstacles you will need to overcome.
  • Your goals? What are your financial, professional, and personal goals?
  • Your gap? What do you need to do/learn/get to overcome the obstacles, achieve your goals, and live out your purpose? 

As you review and act on these principles, you will be able to increasingly concentrate on the actions in your business that actually drive results.

2. Narrow down your perfect client avatar

Which question is more powerful: “Does anyone need help?” or “Do you need help?”

No doubt the specific question is more powerful. The same idea applies to whom your business will serve. If your message is addressed to “anyone,’ no one thinks the message is about them. But speak to a specific kind of person–a perfect client avatar, who has specific needs–and that type of person will hear your message loud and clear.

Therefore, choose a client you are passionate about helping (see your ‘why’ above) … one that you can help and who is profitable to help. Learn everything about them you can …demographics, psychographics, and geographics. Then speak to them directly.

3. Build a powerful and profitable offer

Too many studio/gym owners struggle financially because they do not charge enough for their services and sell to the same people over and over again.

You need to charge premium prices and sign up clients to 3, 6, and 12-month packages. When people pay a premium price, they show up for their sessions, work harder, and get better results.

To get prospects to sign up, start with a front-end offer that works best for them and you. A trial offer is for newly certified fit pros -- you help clients get a strong result in a short period of time and then sign up for a long-term program. More experienced fitness business owners will want to use a consultation offer. That is a detailed “sit down” with a prospect to discuss their needs and offer long-term programs aligned to their goals.

4. Inspire commitment to long-term goals

Don’t “wing it” during a sales consultation. If you want to have confidence with high-ticket clients, you have to use a system. We teach a 7-step sales system called NPE AUTO-CLOSER® that has resulted in over $1 billion dollars in fitness sales worldwide since 2006.

The key is to lead conversations that uncover prospects’ needs and show the solution–the level of commitment necessary to achieve their health and fitness goals. So 50 pounds of weight loss while building strength will require a long-term commitment.

Each step leads clients toward that commitment. You pre-qualify prospects to make sure you are only speaking to the right people--those who can afford you can make a decision and will make a decision. You build rapport and set the agenda. You discover and uncover their needs. You present the solution, ask for the sale, and handle any objections.


The key to growing a $10,000-a-month fitness business is to have systems that will take you there. Systems can strengthen your mindset. They keep you focused on your perfect client avatar. They help you build offers, pricing and packaging matched to client needs, and systems are required to lead clients to commitment.

If you are ready to learn more about how to grow to $10,000 a month (including social media marketing steps that will attract your perfect client avatar), sign up for our free on-demand training ‘Turn Your Passion Into a Fitness Business Earning $10K/Month - Online, Offline, and Hybrid” we’ve just released here.


Sean Greeley, Founder and CEO of NPE, has an unrelenting passion for inspiring fitness professionals and business owners to realize their unlimited potential. Since 2006, NPE has helped over 53,000+ fitness professionals and business owners in 96+ countries grow their client base and income to the next level.


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