Unger Enterprises Joins AFS with ‘Quality Tools for Smart Cleaning’

(OAKLAND, CA, BRIDGEPORT, CT, February 13, 2017) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) today proudly announced and welcomed the addition ofUnger Enterprises to its membership and sponsorship ranks. 

Since 1964, Unger has built a rich heritage of creating high quality, innovative cleaning products and providing superior customer service. 

Founded by Henry Unger over 50 years ago with a discerning eye for quality and a tireless pursuit of new and better ways to clean, the company continues the mission to provide safe, faster, and better ways to clean.

“We all get caught up in the business of training, sessions, and classes,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO.  “And sometimes we forget that the physical experience - the cleanliness of our facilities  - plays a huge role in customer satisfaction.  Unger is the leader in this field and we welcome them into our fitness studio Community.”

The Unger focus on innovation is anchored in its drive to create healthier environments.  Unger views the cleaning experience holistically and develops solutions that not only enhance the cleaning experience but also the environments where they are implemented.  This philosophy culminated at ISSA 2016 – the global Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association event when the Unger Stingray was awarded the ISSA Innovation Award.

“We’re very pleased to be joining AFS,” said John Lombardo, vice president of sales and marketing at Unger Enterprises.  “We’ve found fitness studios very receptive to our products and customer service.  We can help studios of all kinds save money and create a more desirable environment for their clients, especially if they have a great deal of glass or mirrors, which we know they do.” 

This will lead many studio owners to the Unger Stingray, a product that cleans windows and mirrors 25% faster and uses 39% less chemicals than traditional cloth cleaning.  The Stingray eliminates the need for ladders making cleaning safer, and the liquid solution - powered by Scotchgard Protection - reduces the need to clean glass as often over time.

Stingray is one of hundreds of Unger Enterprises cleaning products suitable for the studio setting.  More information can be found at

About AFS 

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