AFS Code of Conduct

AFS members must agree to operate their business to a higher level of standard according to the following Code of Conduct: 

  • Treat each client with personal respect while addressing their needs on an individual basis 
  • Design and implement programs and treatment built on the foundation of client health and safety
  • Abide by all local, state, and federal laws
  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Be an equal opportunity employer and provide equal access and fair treatment to all clients
  • Our trainers and instructors stay current on the latest health and fitness research
  • Maintain CPR and AED certifications
  • Conduct business in an ethical manner that enhances respect for our industry
  • Maintain the confidentiality of all client information
  • Never lose sight of customer satisfaction as our driving force

If a member, client or consumer of an AFS studio/gym witnesses any behavior that would warrant further action, they may file a complaint here

AFS Core Values - What the Association of Fitness Studios Stands For...

Integrity – operating at all times with the highest degree of honesty, reliability, and trust to enhance the image of our industry

Community – cultivate an environment of sharing, networking, and pride in delivering an important component in the healthcare continuum

Commitment – to remain devoted to the fitness and studio industry with enthusiasm and the highest level of customer service

Credibility – assuring that information provided by AFS is consistent with industry norms and best practices, whenever possible

Empowerment – providing the necessary tools for AFS members to implement programs and access benefits to help grow their business

AFS Mission Statement

The mission of the Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) is to ensure our vibrant community of current and aspiring studio/gym owners are equipped with the tools to greater enhance marketability, management efficiency, and profitability while supporting societal programs that promote the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.