AFS, Nor-Cal Fitness Summit Announce Education Collaboration Agreement

(OAKLAND, CA, June 15, 2016) – The Association of Fitness Studios (AFS) announced today that it has reached an education collaboration agreement with the Northern California (Nor-Cal) Fitness Summit to promote best practices into the studio segment of the fitness market.

The collaboration between Nor-Cal Fitness Summit and AFS will develop ongoing, relevant educational content for studio owners on a variety of different topics highlighting operational expertise for dissemination through AFS communication vehicles. 

“You can’t find a better organization to assist in building meaningful content,” said Josh Leve, AFS founder and CEO.  “Nor-Cal Fitness Summit and their founder Khaled Elmasri have proven to have the highest credentials and deepest reservoirs of best practices.  We’re eager to get started.”

Billed as “a 3-day life changing experience that will enrich your mind, build your community and guide you and your business through a personal journey to reach your greatest human potential,” the Nor-Cal Fitness Summit annually attracts several hundred studio entrepreneurs.  The 2016 event is October 7-9 in San Francisco and AFS members receive 50% off!                   

“We’ve been working with Josh and AFS over the past several months and we believe there’s a great opportunity to work more even closely together,” said Elmasri.  “Generating best practices content is a perfect first step.”

The Nor-Cal Fitness Summit targets the typical headaches and growing pains of running an independent fitness business and how to solve them by building on individual skills and leveraging the expertise of the fitness studio community.

 “AFS has developed into the ‘hub’ for credible, relevant, helpful information on creating and running a profitable fitness studio,” said Leve.  “We are actively collecting that content and pushing it out through as many of our available channels as possible.  Nor-Cal Fitness Summit is an outstanding source for such information.”

The AFS/Nor-Cal Fitness Summit collaboration not only calls for the parties to develop original best practices content, but also to provide complimentary and complementary products and services to each other’s constituencies.  More information can be found at and AFS members can take advantage of their special discout

Read the interview with Khaled Elmasri to learn more about the event!

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