How One Gym Became Recognized as One of the Best to Take Indoor Cycling Classes in the Philadelphia Area.


Scott Sorkin, Owner of Tone Zone, a 3-location, multi-modality studio in the Philadelphia area explains his recipe for success and how technology and the right equipment can make all the difference in helping your clients see results. Interview by Josh Leve, AFS Founder & CEO. 


In this webcast Josh and Scott discuss:

  • [1:55] Scott's journey into fitness and how he knew he wanted to become a business owner
  • [3:53] How Tone Zone has maintained a competitive edge in a growing market
  • [5:21] The steps taken to be voted as having the 'best indoor cycling classes" from a local magazine
  • [6:16] How having the right equipment can make all the difference
  • [7:45] What role technology has played in driving home the member experience
  • [10:41] The feedback from members who've taken a RealRyder class
  • [14:28] Insight for those contemplating going off on their own 

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Scott Sorkin
Owner, Tone Zone Fitness Studio

Scott began training in 1999, when he worked with clients at both the Gold’s Gym in Northeast Philadelphia and The Aquatic and Fitness Club on the Main Line. He was the fitness director at Gold’s Gym in Conshohocken and became the regional director of that ownership group’s three gym locations.

Scott opened Tone Zone Fitness Studio as a small personal training space in Conshohocken in 2010.  Built solely on referrals, the business outgrew its space and he opened up his expanded East Elm Street location in January of 2013 with his wife Leslie.

Scott’s success throughout the years is a direct outcome of his results-oriented approach to personal training, his vast knowledge of all things fitness-related, and his intense passion for what he does. His workouts are specifically designed for strength development, weight loss, and muscle definition.

When he is not lifting weights and pushing his clients to their limits, you can find Scott running and biking the nearby trails, dining at his favorite restaurants, and spending time with his wife, daughter and two dogs.

More information about RealRyder® International can be found here!

Learn about their history, place in the fitness studio community and more about how they're the first developer of the world’s “un-stationary” indoor bike. 

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