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AFS Members will receive their first month for $1 plus free Concierge Service ($300 value).  

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About Coach Catalyst

The fitness and nutrition industry is broken. Everything is about collecting information and data but the major tenets of behavior change, accountability, and coaching get ignored. We steer away from software because it slows us down, is cumbersome, and is an overall pain to use. Most software doesn't actually make our lives easier or improve our ability to do what we do best, coach. 

Our mission at Coach Catalyst is to give you back the one non-renewable resource you want more of, time. All while driving forward the 3 tenets of your business: revenue, results, and retention. 

At Coach Catalyst, we call this the R3 approach. 

Coaches that implement Coach Catalyst to its fullest potential will see a 10-30x ROI each year. By using Coach Catalyst’s customizable done-for-you content to create lead generation, deadline driven transformation challenges, evergreen offers, and coaching programs, a studio has more time for marketing and filling the program. 

When the coaching process is accelerated with a platform and a system to educate, and actually hold clients accountable, results are much more predictable. Successful clients have a tendency to stay longer and brag more. 

By creating an easier experience for the client with a clear communication portal and right on their phone access to important data, clients don’t have any reason to go anywhere else.

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Coach Catalyst started from a need in our own facilities. Our current systems of accountability, education, communication, and data collection did not scale. One of those "fun" problems with growth. We understood that accountability was the "secret sauce" to our clients' success, but once we grew past a handful of clients, this process became very labor intensive. We needed a better way. 

There are many "client management" systems on the market, but we wanted a tool that would help us strengthen our relationship with the client instead of just collecting data. We wanted a tool that could actually help us hold people more accountable and improve our coaching process. We needed a system that would make us better coaches with better information. 

If the thing we needed already existed, we would have been customers. 

It didn't, so we went on a quest to build it. We are not software people, we are coaches. We own gyms, we drink our own kool-aid and use the software with our own clients every day. 

We built the software for ourselves, but it just so happens that thousands of other coaches needed a similar solution.

Coach Catalyst In the Fitness Community

We help coaches and studios take back their most important asset, time. This allows them to do more of what they do best, coach and change lives.

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