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We offer Life Insurance that rewards healthy living. Contact Sam Griffin for your free quote.

About FinFit Life

At FinFit Life, we believe there is no true fitness without financial fitness. That’s why we’re changing the way people understand fitness— by helping them make healthier physical, financial, and professional decisions.



Our founder, Howard Sharfman, came up with the idea for FinFit Life while attending a spin class. Since then, FinFit Life has been invariably tied to the Fitness Industry.

Our alliance with John Hancock means our business owners can bring the best-in-class financial products and services to Fitness Studios throughout the U.S.

FinFit Life In the Fitness Community

FinFit Life supports the fitness community by providing financial products that help protect the business owner's financial security while offering an innovative wellness program that rewards living a longer, healthier life. Our culture is driven by health-conscious individuals looking to make simple changes to improve their lives and the lives of others.