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About FitGrid

FitGrid is the world’s most powerful engagement platform for boutique fitness studios. By integrating a social network for consumers with communication and insight tools for instructors and studio owners, we help people and businesses unleash the power of their communities—online and IRL.

The FitGrid System has three unique elements that personalize communication between studios, instructors, and clients.

FitGrid Studio is a simple and intuitive business intelligence platform that offers personalized communication, segmented outreach recommendations, instructor reports, and client feedback, to help studio owners understand the effectiveness of their team and guiding the right daily activities to connect their community and grow their studio business. The newest feature, FitGrid LIVE, is a live-streaming solution that integrates directly with Mindbody so you can give existing clients the option to workout at home while also attracting new clients from around the world.

FitGrid Pro is a mobile app for instructors that delivers critical information and insights that strengthen client relationships and boost overall retention. With this app, instructors can view class stats and customize classes based on injuries and demographics. Once the class is over, they can get real-time instructor feedback from clients and send follow-up messages to students to deepen their relationships and increase overall retention for your studio.

FitGrid Class App is a mobile app that allows clients to set goals, engage with classmates and instructors, discover other clients with similar interests, and communicate seamlessly with your studio.  And when you introduce this into your studio, you, the studio owner, will gain instant access to millions of potential new clients, maximize client loyalty, create virtual communities around your studio, and diversify your reliance on email.

The power of these tools combined strengthens community, drives profits, and boosts retention.

Try it for free and get 5x more client referrals, client insights, and client engagement with FitGrid.



FitGrid was founded by tech entrepreneur Nt Etuk, in partnership with pilates professionals Carmel Louis and Holly Jean Cosner. They started their mission after realizing how important the feeling of community is to members of a studio, but how little connection exists after everyone leaves a class.

They set out to reimagine the way that instructors, clients, and organizations interact, not just in class, but before and after. Their goal was to help create deeper and longer lasting relationships within the fitness community.

FitGrid In the Fitness Community

FitGrid helps studios harness the power of their community to increase growth and maximize returns. Our tools not only allow studios to view instructor progress, insights and results, it also allows them to understand who their clients are, where they are dropping off, and the level of energy and chatter that exists within their community.

FBA Members Receive 2 months of service for FREE!
Ntiedo Etuk
Co-Founder & CEO
Nt (pronounced EN-tee) Etuk is Co-Founder and CEO of FitGrid, a health and fitness focused software company that builds private social networks for gyms, studios, and other fitness communities. In 2013 Nt was welcomed as a member of Crain’s New York Magazine’s 40 Under 40 class. In 2011 Nt led his first company, DimensionU, to earn the 2012 World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer Award and was invited to sit on Mayor Bloomberg’s New York City Council on the Technology and Innovation Economy. In 2010 Nt was inducted as a member of the 2010 Henry Crown Fellows class at the Aspen Institute and a member of The Aspen Institute’s Nigeria Leadership Initiative program. Nt has been honored as “Top Entrepreneur” and a “Silicon Alley One to Watch” by Crain’s New York, was selected by Technology & Learning as one of the 30 Future Leaders of Education Technology, and has been identified as one of Black Enterprise Magazine’s Masters of Technology. He has been featured numerous times in publications such as Forbes, BusinessWeek, and The New York Times, and has been a guest on a number of networks including NBC, CNBC, and Fox, among others.

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