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 Dustin Pidgeon
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We are offering a digital solution for studio/gym owners. During facility closures, we can keep members engaged with studio/gym branded workouts through the FitOn app platform and possibly create a new revenue stream for owners.

When facilities reopen, we can help promote your studio/gym to new prospective members. 

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About FitOn Inc.

We are FitOn, the #1 fitness app that is turning the category on its head. We are revolutionizing how people get fit with personalized fitness plans and instant access to the widest variety of premium classes like HIIT, Yoga, strength, barre, and dance.

Train with celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Jonathan Van Ness and other celebrity trainers like Cassey Ho, Jeannette Jenkins, and Katie Dunlop.

Work out anytime, anywhere and stream to any screen–phone, TV, or Laptop. Solidifying workout results with meal planning support.

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Former Fitbit Executive, Lindsay Cook, struggled to meet her fitness goals within her lifestyle as a busy professional and working mother. She realized that making it to her favorite studio classes had become seemingly impossible. Her search for more accessible and practical workouts led to disappointment in the quality and lack of motivation that was being offered with other available options. Hence the inspiration behind FitOn. Now, no matter what challenges life throws your way, our world-class trainers, rich content and engaging social tools will help you reach your fitness goals—all in the palm of your hand, literally.

FitOn Inc. In the Fitness Community

Digital solution offering:

  • Co-branding app access for studio/gym users, in order to show it as a true amenity to your current facility. This will help keeps members engaged during closures, which will help them to feel like they are still working out with the brand.
  • Using the app to promote facilities through guest pass offers or direct membership enrollments. FitOn currently has over 3M members and growing rapidly right now.
  • App access as an 'add-on' to membership - we can integrate to offer upselling opportunities at the studio/gym level.
  • The app provides meal planning and can be a compliment to gym exercise programs. Meal planning provides better results when used in conjunction with exercise routines and better results will lead to increased member retention.
  • Downloadable videos can be used as guidance inside the gym, helping to give members better results through direction. This will also help with member retention.
  • Keeps the studios/gyms current by providing a digital platform.
  • In many cases, FitOn will provide a new revenue stream.