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About gymsupps.org

We provide business owners in the fitness/wellness industry access to a variety of great tasting, clean ingredient, third party tested nutritional supplements and essential vitamins that can be private labeled as their own brand with low start-up costs and minimum orders.  

We take care of all of the label designs, website store and shipping, therefore enabling you to add an immediate additional revenue strand to your business and effective products for your clients.

We also carry bulk supplements for smoothie and juice bars.



Gymsupps.org was created to provide fellow fitness/wellness industry professionals an opportunity to privately label nutritional supplements as their own brand as a means to increase revenue and provide beneficial products to their clientele.

With a commitment to customer service and product quality, gymsupps.org wants to help YOU private label supplements to market your brand with products YOU can trust! All of our capsules are third party tested and our powdered products are free from artificial sweeteners, taste great, and of the highest quality.

gymsupps.org In the Fitness Community

Through the development of a privately labeled supplement line, fitness industry professionals can sell and promote their own quality certified products to in-house clients and/or through an online store.  Your brand will be marketed inside the homes of your clients with visibility to other potential customers.  A privately labeled supplement line will provide an additional revenue stream with minimal work by the facility owner.

Gymsupps.org handles all label designs, creates in-house and online store design,  develops informational marketing materials and more.  Industry owners can order products to sell directly in-house and/or through an online store in which orders are fulfilled from the gymsupps.org warehouse, labeled as your brand, and shipped directly to the consumer.  This program is a great opportunity to earn extra revenue as order minimums and start-up fees are minimal.