10% Discount When You Connect Through FBA! 
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 Sally Edwards, Founder & CEO

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10% Discount When You Connect Through FBA! 

Heart Rate Monitor ARMBANDS - 5 Free When You Get a System

How to Start the Conversation

By contacting Heart Zones via email or phone, we will share with you all of the features and functions of our technology that is easy to use - just 10 seconds and 3 taps on an iPad and your class starts with up to 110 participants at one time all displayed on the “Big Board” all the while collecting data used for the individual email report at the end of every workout. We’d love to provide you with a 15-minute demo and share these three words - easy, easy, easy to use.

More about the special FBA offer...

When you contact and identify your membership, Heart Zones will take 10% off any purchase from our hero product - the Heart Zones System - to wall charts on zone training or DVD’s. The Heart Zones System is the tool for motivation, engagement and assessment using wearable technology that empowers small groups and individuals to pursue healthy active lifestyles and provide studio owners and managers with member retention tool as well as enhanced member engagement.

And, if you participate in a 15-minute demo, we’ll send you a free Heart Zones Blink 1A heart rate monitor to say thanks - because we appreciate those who believe that we owe this experience of providing biofeedback and data to our participants as safe and engaging.

To take advantage of this special offer for FBA members contact Sally Edwards at 916-481-7283 or sally.edwards@heartzones.com - tell her FBA sent you!

Learn more at www.heartzones.com 

About Heart Zones

Heart Zones is a company that develops and markets technology, education, and turnkey programs for the health club and studio industry. One of the missions of Heart Zones is to engage and motivate the fitness enthusiast to lead a healthy and rich life using wearable devices as well as smart equipment. Heart Zones products and services include group heart rate, group treadmill, group rowing, group cycling, and small and large group training software and program applications for tracking, displaying, and making meaning out of workout data to improve member’s experiences at your facility. For further information contact Heart Zones in Sacramento, CA by email staff@heartzones.com or give us a call at (916) 481-7283 and visit Heart Zones website: www.heartzones.com.



What is the Heart Zones System Technology and Companion Certification? Heart Zones, Inc. is the only company that uses the patented threshold cardiovascular training program and the companion open technology platform, the Heart Zones Club System to provide the tool for member engagement and retention. Designed specifically for the studio market, the Heart Zones System is a onetime purchase with no additional costs and can be monetized through the sale of sensors- step trackers, heart rate sensors on the forearm, and indoor cycling products. Because the platform includes both the methodology of training in zones and includes a FIT point program, the technology is the best of breed and the meets club best practices.

Heart Zones In the Fitness Community

The founder and CEO of Heart Zones is cardio-fitness expert and author of 2 dozen books on training and fitness, Sally Edwards. Committed to the fitness industry for the past three decades, Sally practices what she shares with others - it’s our studio club industry mission to help people get fit together or one-person at a time. Why? Because it is the right thing to do and because the most important muscle in the body is the heart - and when we focus on it we all do better.

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Sally Edwards
Founder & CEO
Sally Edwards is one of America 's leading experts in fitness technologies, exercise science, and lifestyle living. The Sacramento California native earned her masters degrees in exercise science and business. She is a serial entrepreneur, prolific author, professional runner and triathlete.  She is a best-selling author with 24 books and 500 articles on health and fitness, a professional triathlete, 16-time Ironman finisher, a member of the Triathlon Hall of Fame, and ultra marathoner!