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About Hedstrom Fitness

Hedstrom Fitness provides products, education, and service that bridge the gap between life and fitness. Offering both new Hydro Training devices and Balance Trainers from BOSU®. Our products are back by research, industry pros, and education. All of our education through SURGE® Performance Academy and BOSU® University is accredited through NASM, ACE, AFAA, PTA Global, and CFP.

For more information on Hydro Trainers (water-filled products) and SURGE® Performance Academy visit and for more information on BOSU® University and BOSU® balance training equipment visit


Formed in 2012 as a division of their corporate parent Hedstrom®. Hedstrom Fitness focuses on products and programming that translate fitness to life. Hedstrom Fitness’s catalog includes both BOSU® and SURGE® the market leaders in balance training and hydro training. Through the years Hedstrom Fitness has outfitted thousands of gyms across the globe with BOSU® and SURGE® products and support.

Hedstrom Fitness In the Fitness Community

Hedstrom Fitness creates unique fitness tools and programming that bridge the gap between fitness and life. From quality products to cutting edge education, Hedstrom Fitness is a trusted provider to fitness studios around the world.

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