By Aaron Eisberg, VP of Marketing for Accuro

2017 is set to bring even more advanced technology to the fitness industry, especially to the discipline of heart monitoring and heart health.

Putting your business on the cutting edge of this technology can give you an edge that will last you the entire year, creating a more engaged relationship between you and your clientele based around a more effective fitness program. Here are just a few of the ways that fitness technology can change your business for the better.

Heart Monitoring Technology

Heart tracking has become a much more nuanced practice - people want to have different monitoring techniques for their sleep time and their workout plans, and men need different technology from women. 2017 will also bring technology for pregnant women as well, and even those who want to maintain the best body characteristics to maximize fertility. If your facility has a monitoring product that can facilitate all of these needs, you should be marketing it heavily.

Two such products are the Mio LINK and Mio FUSE wearable watch monitor. Mio wearables have created quite the stir: You gain a choice of style depending on your taste with these two brands without losing any functionality.

Comfortable Tracking

Sometimes, your elite clientele are looking for even more precise monitoring, and the closer that the monitor is to the heart, the more precise it becomes. Watches are not the only wearables that you can invest in for your 2017 breakthrough, and your elites will be happy to know that there are also comfortable chest monitors. Because the chest monitor is obviously closer to the source, it will get a better reading. 

Fitbit recently suffered a class action lawsuit for inaccurate monitoring, and you do not want to be within a mile of a brand or a technique that may cause this to happen in your business. 

Monitoring Apps

2017 marks the year that the mobile world of commerce officially overtakes the traditional one. People will be using their smart phones for even more stuff in 2017, and if they forget it at the gym, you can provide a specialized phone with health monitoring apps as a unique service.

Some of these apps serve as a substitute for wearable tech, monitoring the heart rate of the participant in motion. Many of these apps can also count reps and will move data into the cloud so that your client will not lose the results of the workout just because he or she forgot to bring the phone. For instance, the Mio PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) uses the specialized data of the individual to help construct a fitness program based on the needs of that individual rather than a general scale.

Personalized Workouts

Another great use of smart phones for fitness includes apps that will write programs for clients based upon individual data. If a client cannot afford in person personal training at your gym, you may be able to create another tiered service that provides a unique program through the app for a client who still wants specialized service. You get to split the difference between clients who want a bit more than what you may offer in group classes and those who will not shell out for one of your one-on-one personal trainers.

There is more opportunity than ever in the world of fitness if you are willing to upgrade the technology of your business. You may be able to draw people in based solely upon the fact that you are employing new technologies. Some people like to stay ahead of the Joneses any way they can. However, you will also be fully prepared for the serious fitness clients who will certainly be asking about these new technologies in one way or another.

You can bet that your competition will certainly be looking into these new avenues – put yourself on the cutting edge of your industry by perfecting your use of them first!

Aaron Eisberg is the VP of Marketing for Accuro. A company with over 15 years in the business of capturing fitness data, private cloud storage, data management and data analysis services. Products offered cover a wide array ranging from hardware devices such as wireless enabled body composition scales, blood pressure meters, and heart rate monitors to the data collection and management app, heart rate projection program and cloud based member vital data profile. Our vision is to offer the fitness industry the infrastructure on which a gym or club can build their services and establish their brand to their members.

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