By Jim Gallagher, AFS Contributor.

Interviewing for Success

Hiring good employees can help your business grow, provide value to clients and free time to work on growing your business. Hiring the wrong employee can drain time, energy and valuable resources from a club or studio. Employees with poor service skills, bad attitudes or a weak work ethic can cost a club clients, cash and create chaos. Bad employees infect the entire environment and can affect the business more than not hiring at all.

A solid interviewing process can eliminate many issues before hiring the wrong person. Interviewing is a critical skill for any fitness manager. Interviewing can be tricky and even the most skilled managers make bad hires on occasion. Managers often rush the process feeling pressure to hire quickly. The typical interview process does not give a true picture of how well a candidate will perform in your center. Candidates may dress professionally, provide a professional-looking resume and be well-rehearsed in answering standard interview questions.   Even checking a person’s references rarely shed much light on how a candidate will perform.


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