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About ISSA

ISSA is the world's #1 rated personal training certification.

Committed to making your passion for health and fitness into your profession, ISSA delivers easy-to-follow comprehensive online courses designed to prepare trainers for long-term success.



For over 30 years, ISSA has trained more than 300,000 students and placed personal trainers across 143 countries, all while continuing to develop greater approaches for promoting a healthier world. Since 1988, ISSA has been dedicated to educating and preparing trainers for successful careers as health and fitness professionals. Truly committed to helping students reach their goals, ISSA provides unlimited support through study, financial, education, and job placement teams.

As the leader in professional health and fitness certification, ISSA continues to advance the industry standards with revolutionary new courses, like the DNA-Based Fitness Coach, to help trainers develop and further their careers. Plus, ISSA offers endless opportunities for trainers looking to grow in their resumes with Elite and Master-level certifications.

Offering completely online courses, ISSA allows students to study, complete courses, and take exams on their own time, from wherever they're most comfortable. Health and fitness is your passion, at ISSA, we help you make it your profession.

ISSA In the Fitness Community

As the established leader in health and fitness certifications, ISSA offers specialized courses focused on mastering group fitness instruction. ISSA's group fitness courses provide trainers with all the tools and knowledge needed to design and lead effective group fitness classes, in addition to advanced techniques and real-life application strategies. With over 8,000 5-star reviews through TrustPilot, ISSA is committed to delivering world-class customer experience and top-level educational materials.

And, if you're a gym that offers group fitness classes, ISSA wants to work with you to add expert certified trainers to your staff. Through the ISSA club partnership program, affiliates can access a full database of expert certified trainers actively looking for employment. Plus, now with the acquisition of Smart Fitness, ISSA provides clubs a complete fitness employee solution, offering onboarding, training, and certification programs to help any club grow.

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