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About myDNAge

Modern exercise and health science are the best it has ever been. There are thousands of programs, classes, clubs, diets, and routines all tailored specifically to meet the needs of virtually any person. But how do you know if what you’re doing is working? 

True holistic health goes deeper than just body fat percentages and bench presses. That’s where myDNAge comes in. As we all know, lifestyles have a tremendous influence on our health. However, what few realize is that our habits and practices can even alter our DNA on a daily basis. As these alterations compile over time, they cause our bodies to age at different rates. Depending on how you treat your body, this could mean being able to run marathons into your late 60s or constantly fighting off injuries since the time you turned 21. Which path are you currently on? Wouldn’t it be helpful to know? 

Utilizing Next Generation DNA Sequencing technology, the myDNAge test analyzes the epigenetic characteristics of over 2,000 regions of the human genome to calculate your body’s practical age. With this information, you will know exactly how healthy you are and how effective your exercise and diet routine really is.


In 2013, Dr. Steve Horvath from UCLA developed something he called the "Horvath Clock." The idea is that by looking at an individual’s DNA, specifically the wear and tear on it, you can determine how much the person’s body has aged – not the number of years it has been alive, but how healthy it is. Fascinated with this concept and seeing the immense utility of such a metric, Dr. Larry Jia of Epimorphy secured exclusive rights from UCLA to commercialize the Horvath Clock in 2017, aiming to provide to the public a test that would determine their practical age. To that end, Epimorphy transformed Dr. Horvath’s analytical methodology into a fully automatable test that can process hundreds of samples simultaneously.

Continually striving for excellence, Epimorphy expanded the scope of the test to include over 2,000 regions of the human genome, ensuring unparalleled fidelity of analysis.

myDNAge In the Fitness Community

In the fitness studio community, there is certainly no shortage of creativity. New regimens and diets are constantly being developed to meet the needs of almost anybody looking to get in shape. What is lacking is an objective, consistent way to assess their effectivity. Of course, metrics like body fat percentage and one-rep-maxes can be monitored to approximate fitness, but how can we truly know how healthy a person is from a holistic point of view?

myDNAge offers a test that analyzes the epigenetic characteristics of over 2,000 regions of the human genome to empirically calculate the biological age of any individual. With quick turnarounds and extensive data to review, trainers around the world will have access to the most insightful metric to ever emerge in the fitness studio community.