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About Myzone

Myzone is a wearable technology platform that is designed to increase the lifetime value of your member. Myzone uses live in club heart rate tracking, smartphone based gamification, and social media mechanisms to track, incentivize and keep your members accountable to the effort they apply. It is this digital engagement that enhances their brick and mortar experience, building value in the personal training experience, while also helping the member with their initial on boarding and continued engagement in exercise.  


Launched in 2011, Myzone technology was created as a way to accurately provide engaging and motivational experiences to support behavior change that make exercise habits stick. Unlike other wearable technology, Myzone was developed by experts in the fitness industry who understand the gym consumer and the gym operator. As Myzone approaches its 5th anniversary, it is known as a leader in the new and growing field of current wearables. Myzone technology is currently installed in more than 3,000 health clubs with offices in the United States, United Kingdom and Australia.

Myzone In the Fitness Community

Myzone supports studios by providing a tailored platform used to engage members via coach accountability, personal goal setting, gamification and social recognition.  The technology allows studios to expand their reach from just brick and mortar to a digital platform, thus creating a greater aggregate value of being a client. This also allows personal trainers to keep track of their clients and encourage when working outside of the facility.

Advice on heart rate training and wearables
Ron Sobiek
Business Development
Ron Sobiek has been in the fitness industry for more than 13 years with experience in operations, marketing and management of health clubs. He was one of the founding members of the global wearable technology brand Mzyone INC and currently serves as a Business Development Manager for the company.

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