About Railyard Fitness Inc.

The Railyard Portable Obstacle Course is an investment that gives you a measurable ROI, increased sales and improved retention.  The Railyard presents a new, exciting and primal challenge your current and prospective members will find physically interesting, mentally creative and productive.

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Railyard Fitness introduced the first indoor, portable Railyard Obstacle Course in September of 2007. The Course has received rave reviews from over 1000 customers worldwide in physical education, youth and elite athletic conditioning, personal training and institutional fitness.  

The Railyard will be the most versatile and useful fitness product you own.  The Railyard was designed to replicate the benefits of the outdoor obstacle courses used in elite athletic training around the world.  

The Railyard was designed by and is marketed by 40 year industry veteran Lee Spieker, who introduced the fitness market to the first aerobics specific floor, Aerobafloor®, the Stackable Step Aerobic Step, the Equipmat® for cardio equipment, the original 13 “Buns of Steel®” exercise videos, the Serius Strong®, Rotating Fitness Handle and the Multi-Purpose Exercise Sled and Fitness Anchor.

Railyard Fitness Inc. In the Fitness Community

Use the Railyard to improve results, increase challenge, performance and add interest and excitement to workouts.  New equipment needs to provide your youth, adult, active aging and athlete clients a new, verifiable improvement in their workouts and potential clients a compelling reason to choose you as their fitness provider.  The Railyard is the most versatile equipment you can add to your studio, use it for individual training, group exercise, youth fitness, sports conditioning, and active agers to improve balance and coordination.

Today’s children are tomorrows fitness consumers and personal training clients, introducing them to fun exercise experiences will improve our chances they will become your clients in the future.  More information on how you can join our social marketing efforts of educating America’s parents of the myriad of exercise benefits go to: www.1houraday.org.

Elevate your exercises and movements onto the round or flat Rails to:

  1. Increased demand and the engagement of the neuromuscular system
  2. New, unfamiliar environment produces superior results in balance, coordination, agility
  3. Heighten state of physical awareness improves core activation and posture 
  4. Forward, backward and lateral movements provide dynamic balance development
  5. Use your fitness tools ( kettle bells, bars, sand bags, etc) reinvigorating existing equipmen
  6. Obstacle course training and parkour are trends the Railyard is used to add to your programming
  7. Engages your professional creativity in designing new and interesting new exercise combinations, you’ll love it for your personal workouts too!
  8. Add family workouts to your programs, kids and their parents both get an incredible workout while bonding and sharing the joy of exercise and movement (Railyard is one of the only products adults and kids can use effectively at the same time)


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