This guide will help you establish a successful social media campaign for your fitness studio. If you are already using social media to market your business, use this guide to fill in any knowledge gaps to improve your current campaign.

Is this process easy?

Yes! It is also a long-term effort and requires commitment. In order to develop a successful social media presence for your business, you'll want to understand all the basics around social media marketing, become comfortable using the tools as well as participating in the social world and adopt the marketing tasks as a part of your weekly schedule.

To get started with your social media campaign, you need to tackle these topics:
1. Best practices
2. Choose the networks to target
3. Become confident using social media
4. Set up your business accounts
5. Adopt a social media policy
6. Choose marketing objectives
7. Define a content strategy
8. Create a posting schedule
9. Measure your success


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