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 Ralph Ruggierio, Key Account Manager 

About Total Gym

Total Gym is the world’s leading privately-held manufacturer of functional and bodyweight training equipment. Founded in 1974, the San Diego-based company’s Total Gym products are used in 14,000 physical therapy clinics, athletic training facilities, hospitals, universities, professional sports teams and health clubs, inspiring over 24 million workouts per year worldwide.

Total Gym has a longstanding relationship with American Telecast Products, LLC, which launched the Total Gym bodyweight trainer into the consumer market with the longest running television infomercial in history, selling over four million units.

Now with distribution in over 23 countries, Total Gym continues to lead the industry with the latest functional training equipment, the award-winning GRAVITY Inside commercial fitness program and the new Total Gym Elevate Circuit, a line of 6 simple, intuitive and user-friendly single stations for the gym floor.


As a case study for brand longevity, Total Gym has been moving its customers and driving innovation in physical therapy, home and commercial fitness on the iconic Total Gym incline bodyweight trainer for over four decades. Today, Total Gym generates over 24 million workouts every month worldwide. The The Total Gym brand has catapulted into television history, and the company culture inspired by the owners, is driven by the desire to effect a positive change in the lives of the people it touches.

When Total Gym CEO Tom Campanaro designed the first Total Gym incline trainer in 1974, the benefits of exercise were barely a blip on the public radar. Campanaro and partner Doug Marino named the brand “Total Gym” while sitting on the beach in La Jolla, CA. They brought on business partners Dale McMurray and Larry Westfall and in 1976 and the first Total Gym homegrown TV commercial hit the market. As the years passed, Total Gym began to make its mark as a credible fitness machine. It was confirmed by Syracuse University as a safe and effective non-compressive training device and named “best for training the torso” by Consumer Reports magazine.

In 1988, Total Gym moved into physical therapy, where rehabilitation specialists, professional athletes, coaches and athletic trainers quickly realized the benefits of partial bodyweight training on a calibrated incline plane. By 1994, renowned educators like Paul Chek, Olympians like Jackie Joyner-Kersee and professional sports athletic trainers like Larry Mayol and Herm Schneider were using the Total Gym incline trainer to move their clients, their competitive edge and their professional career.

Total Gym In the Fitness Community

Since the mid 1980's, Total Gym has aggressively adopted functional products that complement and enhance bodyweight training for all populations. With the newly designed Elevate Circuit that includes latest additions: Total Gym Jump Trainer and the Total Gym Row Trainer, the Elevate Circuit is bridging the gap between selectorized equipment and functional cages on the gym floor. 

These single station units, area testament that Total Gym products support a philosophy of functional training using dynamic natural movement. This philosophy ensures that Total Gym products will always be effective for users of all shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. 

As innovators in fitness, Total Gym is always on the cutting edge, bringing quality and excellence to its products and building its brand worldwide.