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About Uplift Labs

At Uplift Labs, we are passionate about helping movement professionals who help others move better. It is what we do and what we believe. Uplift is a better way for trainers and coaches to connect with clients and athletes at home or from any location. Unlike other platforms, Uplift was built specifically for trainers and coaches to improve movement and technique via live remote training classes. Give feedback immediately, create in-class highlights and annotate on-the-go. Uplift makes it simple to create a website, market and monetize your classes, and increase your reach, all in one place.


Uplift Labs was founded by the former president of Tesla Japan, a GoPro Advanced Technology senior leader, and a Carnegie Mellon University machine learning scientist.

Uplift’s proprietary and patented AI software improves any athlete’s or fitness enthusiast’s performance in real-time without wearables for in-person and remote training. Clients include the world’s largest golf instruction company, MLB teams, professional and youth sports and fitness organizations.

Uplift Lab's mission is to democratize elite sports science and medicine so anyone can improve their performance while minimizing injuries, whether training remotely or in-person.

Uplift Labs In the Fitness Community

Uplift Labs supports all organization sizes to the individual instructor to transition and scale their remote training businesses.

Uplift keeps the elements of what we all love about in-person training such as pushing us to improve while monitoring potential injury, the camaraderie of belonging to a community, and the commitment that comes from knowing your trainer is keeping you accountable.

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