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About Virtuagym

The mission of Virtuagym is to make the world a healthier and happier place through technology; empowering people, companies, and health professionals with the tools for health and wellness.

Virtuagym is helping fitness businesses to enhance their offering and future-proof their business through innovative all-in-one fitness management software. The Virtuagym platform delivers a complete solution integrated with mobile apps by combining tools for management with industry-leading solutions for coaching and engagement.

This is helping fitness providers to pivot to hybrid models that combine digital and physical services, offering complete holistic health and wellness experiences to their clients wherever they are.

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Virtuagym was founded by brothers Paul and Hugo Braam in 2008, when they decided that they wanted to change the still very traditional gym experience through technology.

Virtuagym was originally created as a consumer app for web and mobile, providing users with an easy and fun way to work out and track their nutrition.

In 2013 Virtuagym, launched one of the first B2B SaaS solutions in health and fitness.

Paul and Hugo understood that gym owners were having to use four or five different systems to manage their fitness business. They, therefore, wanted to create a comprehensive all-in-one intuitive platform that would combine tools for management with industry-leading solutions for coaching and engagement.

Virtuagym In the Fitness Community

Virtuagym provides a wealth of educational content to support the fitness industry, ranging from weekly webinars to podcasts, blogs and Ebooks.

Our blog articles can be accessed here:

Our Ebooks can be downloaded for free here:

You can find our bi-weekly podcast 'How To Grow Your Fitness Business' on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (available only in English).

We hold bi-weekly English and Dutch webinars and monthly Spanish webinars to inspire and educate fitness entrepreneurs. More information can be found here:

Finally, we hold a special annual FitNation industry event, taking place this year on October 8th:

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